Monday, August 30, 2010

Astrea, is kind of like a little kid. She likes buttons.

So while Jameson is a special little guy, Astrea is my little genius (who fights for justice on the weekends). I decided this weekend she would make a great service animal for a very little person with a very little house.

Back in May when Athena came and stayed with us for a couple weeks, she discovered the joy of riding in the car with her head out the window. Because she's little she has to stand up on the arm rest to stick her head out. Now, since I'm super paranoid, it makes me very nervous so her leash is always buckled into my seat belt and i have a hand on her leash. The second I get too nervous, window goes up. I never in a million years considered what would happen as a result. One day we were driving around and suddenly one of the backseat windows was down. I figured I must've hit the button and not noticed. So I rolled it back up. Few seconds later, its down again. I look in my mirror and Astrea is sticking her head out the window. Little Miss Astrea didn't like me controlling her window time, so she took it upon herself to learn to roll down the window herself. When I have friends in my car I turn the window lock off, and I often forget to turn it back on. Then before I know it, Astrea is back there, rolling the window down again.

This weekend I took the dogs to Tahoe to run around and play. Now, Astrea is a totally a TV watcher. The TV at home is on the wall above the fire place. Sometimes I think she may think its a window. Every now and again (its happening less often) something or someone will come on TV and she wont like them so she'll run out onto the patio barking and looking for them. The TV in Tahoe is an older big screen, so its huge and there is a button about two feet off the ground you push to turn it on/off. On Saturday night I had the TV while I was cooking. Something came on tv that she didn't like and she was pissed. She went right up to the tv and jumped up and started barking. And then the tv was off. Just by luck she hit the button. I decided to listen to the radio for a while. Later, we were watching Forrest Gump and falling asleep on the couch. The Vietnam scene came on and she freaked out at the tv. Jumped up and turned the tv off again. She was pretty proud of herself.

The next day I decided to soak my achy old lady hips in the spa. After me splashing her and her drinking some of the water (gross) she discovered the jets button. It was like having the jets on some crazy cracked out setting. Now I don't know if she really knows what she's doing when she's rolling down the window, turning off the tv and playing with the jets - but she keeps me on my toes, and makes me think if I really took the time, I could probably teach her how to do some really helpful things around the house.

In addition to being my little smarty pants, she's also the Welcome Wagon. Today I was coming home and I made a new friend. I called him Pebbles. Pebbles was lost, didn't have any tags on and was rocking a craaaaazy haircut.

Pebbles was scared. He was really scared of Jameson. I mean terrified. Tail between the legs, cowering, hair standing up his back. And of course, Jameson doesn't take rejection well so he just went crazier because he wanted Pebbles to like him. So while I held Jameson on the couch (if I bear hug him long enough he finally gives in and relaxes) Astrea and Pebbles stared at each other. Once Pebbles relaxed Astrea came and just stood by him for a bit. When he was ready she sniffed his booty. And then they just looked at each other. Astrea showed him around a bit. Showed him where to hide under the table. Took him to the kitchen, I assume to encourage me to give them treats. When I put Jameson down on the floor, the excitement of a new friend took over again and he flipped out causing Pebbles to hide in Jameson's old hiding spot.

It was about this time we were ready to go, so I put a leash on Pebbles and we headed to the vet. I didn't want to take Pebbles to the shelter, I figured he had to belong to someone near by, so we decided the vet was the best option. Everyone who saw Pebbles at Petsmart/Banfield said the same thing, "Hey I know you." So my response, "Really? Do you know his name?" Of course no one knew his name. Even the nurses knew him, well actually it was the haircut. They knew him and knew he had been in to have some masses removed, but couldn't remember his name. Lucky for Pebbles he was microchipped. His name is Sonny. I like Pebbles better. So I kept calling him Pebbles. After one disconnected phone number and a voice mail, we got ahold of Pebbles' owner. He lived just down the street, so we took him home. I think he was tired from his adventure and ready to go take a nap with his family. His dad told me they were going to hop in the car and head back down to Petsmart to get some tags made for Pebbles. :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

This is why I love Coco...

As I said before, I love Coco. I really do. Before I came to law school I planned to do public relations. I spent most of my life between the ages of 16 and 24 traveling the country seeing my favorite bands, going to awards shows and tv show tapings. I also worked several jobs in the entertainment industry that were really, really fun. In the course of my adventures I met a lot of people. A lot of people who have big names. For the most part those people were all very kind and wonderful. There was the occasional jerk who sent me walking through the streets of san francisco at 10pm because the bread wasn't fresh enough, but as I said, for the most part everyone was wonderful.

I think Coco (and her husband Ice T) fall into the category of wonderful. After my Tribute to Spartacus entry I tweeted the post. Imagine my surprise when Coco not only direct messaged me, but also retweeted my blog! So, just so you can share in my excitement... I have saved the posts for all of posterity. BTW please notice her epic booty. It is my goal in life to have a booty like that.

And just so this isn't a post where I die a little on the inside because I love Coco so much, here is my new favorite video. I'm waiting for a video of Spartacus looking this cute and hilarious...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oh stumble, Well you came and you gave without taking...

As i've said before, my addiction to Stumble is sick. But when you spend your whole life on a computer, its a nice way to just take a quick 3 or 4 minute break then get back to work. And sometimes I come across gems like this video. I cannot tell you how many times I've seen Jameson run full force toward the couch, jump and end up like this little kitty...

Monday, August 16, 2010

I love a little Coco with my Ice-T...

I am not ashamed to admit, I am slightly obsessed with Ice-T and his wife Coco. Yes, Ice-T the rapper and the actor from Law and Order: SVU. His wife has a huge butt. I mean, huge. It's epic. Google it. As a part of my love for them, I totally follow them on twitter. When they adopted a super cute dog, Spartacus, I started following him on Twitter too.

Spartacus mostly posts cute pictures of him doing different things. A few weeks back he posted this amazing picture:

I saw that and went, "oh my gosh, Jameson!" So I did what any sane person does, I tweeted a picture of Jameson back to Spartacus to let him know, he wasn't alone. So because I was so stoked when Spartacus replied back to me, here are some of my favorite pictures of Jameson sitting around the house.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

School Days, School Days Here Come the School Days...

In honor of starting my third year of law school this Tuesday, I thought I'd do a tribute to law school, animal style...

I don't study in my office too often, but when I do Astrea likes to sleep under my desk

When I study in bed, she sleeps at my feet...

And when she's not sleeping through my studying, she's trying to get my attention...

My old roommates' cat Honey liked to eat my Contracts book

Astrea is just as bored as I am by Property.

I am not above bringing my dog to class... I think this was Entertainment Law

I guess I'm supposed to be able to type like this...

Even in the car, she's studying hard. Look at those flashcards!

Jameson likes to let the computer keep him warm.

I don't think a book can keep him warm, but he'll sure cuddle up anyway

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I'm easily amused.

I'm a member of a liverjournal community called doggie pix. Where people post, duh, doggie pix. Today someone posted this video. I thought it was hilarious. Reminded me of Jameson because we often call him our "special little guy." He's so weird. Anyway, I just had to share.


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