Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween from the Award Winning Queen of Hearts and White Rabbit.

Astrea did manage to wear her crown when we were on stage, but that was the only time. I can't find the crown now, I'm pretty sure she hid it somewhere.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ok Go.... again

Remember the Ok Go "White Knuckles" video? The one with all the awesome dogs? Ok Go posted a little behind the scenes footage of the doggies getting ready for their big video debut! What a smart group of pups.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What dreams are made of....

I love any type of baby when its sleeping - human babies, puppies, kitties, you name it - i will happily watch it sleep. I stumbled upon this video and fell in love...

Sins of the Father

If you talk to anyone who has known me over the years I think you'll find that they can recognize that there are three areas of the world that are huge in my life - entertainment, animals and law. Animals and Law are a more recent development, but I started working with bands when I was 16 which evolved over the years to also working with actors as well. I feel like this story has taken all three of those interests and combined them into one.

When we see people get arrested and go to jail or prison, very often there is no consideration given to what happens to everything else in that persons life - including their animals. I hope this will open people's eyes to the fact that animals of criminals essentially pay for their owners crimes, often with their lives...

The Quaids' Arrest Could Mean Death for Doggie

10/25/2010 4:55 PM PDT by TMZ Staff

There was a third Quaid in the car when Evi and Randy were arrested in Canada last week ... their beloved pooch Doji ... and TMZ has learned he could pay for his master's sins ... with his life. While Evi and Randy are still "in detention" after being nabbed on an active arrest warrant ... we've learned Doji has been placed in an animal shelter in Vancouver for the time being.

But Doji's days could be numbered -- because according to Vancouver law, any dog that has been impounded for more than 72 hours becomes city property ... and the pound keeper is then given the authority to "destroy, or sell by auction or private sale, an impounded dog."

We spoke to someone at Animal Control in Vancouver who told us they "make every effort to not put the dogs to sleep" ... and generally try to find the animals a home through adoption.

Still, look at this face (the one on the left) ... someone better act fast.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Mobile Mondays

I've decided to institute Mobile Mondays, a chance for me to post my favorite pictures from my cell phone. Today's pictures are from last Friday. We took Jameson and Astrea to participate in a costume contest at my school. We won for best group. After being out and about for 5 hours the dogs were exhausted. I caught these photos as we left go to have dinner.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

National Pit Bull Awareness Day

Saturday, October 23 is National Pit Bull Awareness Day. I'm glad it's here. In the midst of continuing breed specific legislation, today is a chance for responsible pit bull owners and those of us who love them, to take a stand. Pit Bulls are not the problem. At one point in time, pits were considered a family dog. The first dog I ever let snuggle and sleep with me was Trixie, a Pit Bull my friend was fostering. She was the most loving dog, like all pit bulls, her entire goal in life was to make her humans happy. I miss Trixie, but she was able to move in with a family with a huge yard for her to run and play - so I'm happy with where she is now.

I thought today would be a great day to write about, Chako Pit Bull Rescue ( Chako is a rescue organization in Sacramento, but more importantly - Chako promotes responsible dog ownership, and stands against breed discrimination. Chako is based in Sacramento, California but works on both a state and national level. Chako provides advocacy efforts for responsible dog owners, free and low cost Pit Bull classes, and educational events throughout the year.

If you're interested in getting a Pit Bull, take a minute and read through Chako's Responsible Pit Bull Ownership 101:

Being a responsible Pit Bull owner means being a responsible dog owner, period. Below are the things you SHOULD do as a responsible Pit Bull owner:

1. Walk your dog on a secure leash and collar; if you use a prong collar, back it up since prong collars can pop open. A good leash to have is one with a clasp on each end, such as this one.

2. Contain your dog. Make sure your dog cannot get out of your house or yard by ensuring you take proper containment measures. If you have a yard, make sure your fence is secure, and do not to leave your dog free in the back yard unsupervised for long periods.

3. Steer clear of dog parks when they are being used by others -- dog parks often have dogs that are not appropriate for them. Furthermore, if there is an incident between your Pit Bull and another dog, the Pit Bull is likely to end up being blamed, regardless of who is at fault. Even if your dog is not blamed, a bad incident at a dog park can set your dog up for a lifetime of issues. Check out our blog to read about dog park incidents gone bad.

4. Train your dog and make sure your dog is well socialized to many different people, places, sounds, and experiences.

5. Spay or neuter your dog unless you have a dog that is registered with a legitimate kennel club like the AKC, UKC, or ADBA and you are actively showing your dog or working your dog toward one or more sporting/obedience titles. Never breed your dog unless you are showing or working your dog, it is registered with a legitimate kennel club like the AKC, and you plan to fully health test your dog prior to breeding. Health testing does not mean your dog has its rabies vaccination and was checked out by a vet. Health testing means X-rays of hips and elbows (OFA certification), checking thyroid, heart, and genetic conditions things like ataxia. (If you do not know what OFA or ataxia are, you definitely should not breed your dog.). Sacramento has low cost spay and neuter resources for Pit Bull owners. Chako has our own spay/neuter assistance program.

6. Get regulary vet checkups and appropriate vaccinations for your dog.

7. CGS and ATTS: Consider getting your dog its canine good citizen certification and look into the ATTS.

8. Shhh! Do not allow your dog to bark incessantly and disturb your neighbors

9. Help your dog find its way home. Mistakes happen. Dogs get lost or stolen. Consider getting your dog a permanent form of identification, such as a tattoo or microchip.

10. Scoop poop! When walking your dog in public, make sure to carry poop bags and pick up after your dog.

11. Exercise and Socialize! Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise and is a part of your family, not left outside alone, whether on a chain, in a kennel or the garage. Dogs are social creatures, and they need plenty of human interaction.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

This is true love...

I'm a sucker for stories of animals adopting babies of another species, or animals of different species become friends or falling in love. This is one of the adoption sort. Such a tiny, tiny kitten and with a big dog to protect her...

View more news videos at:

Friday, October 15, 2010

Be the Change for Animals

October 15, 2010 is the fourth "Blog the Change Day" for Be the Change for Animals. Blog the Change is a chance for bloggers to write about their favorite cause. I was trying to think about what I wanted to blog about today and then I realized, it's you.

When I adopted Sancho I made one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made, I didn't trust my gut. Well, that's not true, I did at first. I did when I made the decision to take him home because I couldn't give him back to those people, but it took me almost 8 months to finally start contacting the authorities. That's a long time. Eight months of dogs being taken in by that organization. Eight months of sick dogs being adopted to unsuspecting families. Eight months of other people not knowing what to do.

You are the biggest voice for the animals. No matter how many organizations there are out there for animals - they are nothing with out you. If you see something that you think looks wrong, if you adopt an animal, are told he's healthy and it turns out he's sick, if you know someone is abusing their animal, whatever it is - if your gut tells you that animal needs help, be their voice. And don't give up. No matter how discouraged you get. No matter how much you want to quit. Don't give up.

I ran into a lot of problems fighting for Sancho. It seemed that everyone I talked to said, "Well I'm not the right person to talk to, Sorry." So for every person who told me they couldn't help me, I tried to find two more I thought could. It's hard work. It's hard because (at least in California) no one has any money so even if they have the authority to help you, they probably don't have the funding or resources to do it. BUT what happened in the course of contacting everyone I could imagine, every now and then I found someone who said, "You know what I can't help you but..." and there was something fabulous that always followed that but. One of the District Attorneys I called had heard of P.E.T.S. In a legal capacity she couldn't do anything for me, but she offered to send me the information she had and was willing to write a letter to anyone I needed her to if it would help. An animal control officer offered to contact all the other individuals who had complained about P.E.T.S. to give my contact information to help me collect more information on the sick and injured animals that had been adopted out. So don't write anyone off, contact anyone you think may be able to help.

And think creatively. I started with the obviously places, then I thought - OK now who is their boss. When I ran out of government agencies. I started considering who else could help me. Non-profit organizations? Media? And always talk to your friends. You never know who they know. And let's face it - in this world its all about who you know.

Speaking up for an animal is hard work. There aren't enough people willing to do it. There aren't enough people who are willing to take the time to do it. There aren't enough people who have the drive to keep going after they've been told no 8 times. But, if you are willing to be that one person who doesn't give up, who will keep fighting when you think there is no fight left in you - you will make a difference. You will help an animal. You may prevent another from being hurt. There are no limits to what you can do. And for every time one person makes a difference, it adds up. If there were more people who were willing to be that one person, there would be far less animals suffering.

If you want to help animals, but don't know how. Call your local shelter. Ask if they need people to come play with the cats or walk the dogs. Clean our your linen closet and take some old blankets and towels to the dogs living in the shelter waiting to be adopted. Do you sew? Make some small cat beds to donate or sew a few bandannas for dogs. Have money but no time? Look for non-profit animal organizations in your area looking for donations. Attend a charity event that donates the proceeds to animals.

Whatever it is you choose to do just know, no matter how easy or how hard it is - you're helping an animal in need and that's a wonderful thing.

Want to see what others have blogged about today?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

She really is my baby...

Once a week Astrea and Jameson's favorite human comes over to play with us. Astrea loves it because he always shares all his treats with her, which I in turn take pictures of. This picture got Astrea on this week...

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Lucky the Basement Dog...

Have you guys heard about this dog Lucky? One of my friends suggested I sign a petition for "Lucky the Basement Dog." Now, I'm one of those paranoid people who doesn't believe anything on the internet without more to back it up, so before I was willing to sign anything, I wanted to see if this story was for real. So I went to my trusty friend Google and was near tears when I learned this story was real.

This is the way a Seattle Times story about Lucky the Basement Dog starts, "A dog that's been living in the basement of a Shoreline house for most of four years — the past two months with its owner out of town — might be closer to being freed, a spokeswoman for King County Regional Animal Services said Tuesday." His story is absolutely tragic and the thing that makes me the sickest about this story is it didn't have to take this long. Lucky's neighbor started notifying officials about Lucky EIGHT YEARS AGO! At the time poor Lucky was forced to live outside full time and so he barked a lot. So after four years, the owner locked Lucky in the basement.

The thought of this dog living in the basement makes me absolutely sick. I can't imagine how sad he is to be alone all day long. My dogs are really spoiled. They're never alone for more than a couple hours at a time. And I always feel so guilty. If I could I would bring them with me more places. But that's not the point, the point is - how is it that the authorities were repeatedly and repeatedly notified about this poor dog and nothing happened for EIGHT YEARS! This poor dog has been neglected and suffered for most of its life. His owner claims he's not locked in the basement and is fine, but I don't buy it. First of all, she's been on vacation for 2 months and someone is just stopping by a couple times a week to feed him, so how does she know anyway? But also - Just look at the pictures of what he lives in here. And, although he's no longer living in that (Watch the video of him leaving here), it gets worse. Now that the authorities have finally taken Lucky from the home, he's locked in a kennel and will be there indefinitely. Unfortunately - he's "evidence" now. And that makes me sick. I'm currently working on my law degree so I understand the way it works, I know that there are certain rules and procedures that need to be maintained for things to be admissible at trial, but Lucky isn't a bloody glove or a strand of hair from the crime scene - Lucky is a living, breathing animal. What was the point of saving him if he was going from one prison to another? Now granted, there is a good chance that he's in a better place now than he was before - but isn't there some alternative? I don't know what the answer is - but in the mean time, I'm thinking positive for Lucky and hoping the authorities will continue to give in to the public pressure and release Lucky to a rescue to be loved and cuddled like he deserves. If you're interested there are a ton of petitions online to have Lucky released to a rescue - do a quick google search and they'll come up.

Maybe the world needs a rescue organization that fosters animals that are being kept as evidence...

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Not in public!

Astrea and Jameson do not have the pleasure of having a back yard, but they are both small, so it's not that big of a deal. They have plenty of room to play in the house and they always do. None the less, we take them to the dog park frequently so they can really get some running in and play with other dogs. Generally Astrea and Jameson don't really play with each other at the park, Astrea likes to chase dogs playing fetch and Jameson likes to make friends. Every now and then, however, they decide to play with each other. It wouldn't be so bad, but their favorite game to play is "Let's kill each other." Other owners get a little freaked out sometimes and think they're fighting and I have to remind Astrea and Jameson that we're in public so they can't play like they do at home. To illustrate their favorite game, I took this video tonight.



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