Monday, February 21, 2011

Highlights of Having a Cat and Dog

My cat and dog do funny stuff all the time. Whenever really funny stuff happens I want to tell the world. I usually go update my facebook status and tell all those people. I realized tonight, I have this wonderful blog, so I don't have to overload my facebook friends with stories about my dog and cat. So now here I am. And tonight I can't stop laughing at Astrea and Ora.

Astrea is very spoiled with her three times a day walks, she was very upset when it was raining and we couldn't go. Usually I let Astrea off her leash when were almost home so she can take off running and run circles in front of our door before we go in. Sometimes she comes home very excited and Ora takes off running. Tonight Astrea ran in super excited and was jumping/running towards Ora. Before Ora could take off running Astrea slipped across the floor, right under Ora and took her out. Ora fell over Astrea and jumped back up freaking out. The problem is, Astrea thought Ora wanted to play. So Astrea jumped up twice as excited, and started jumping toward Ora. Now, I expected Ora to freak out even more but instead, she paused, punched Astrea in the nose and then ran off and hid into the closet. Astrea was so shocked she didn't know what to do. Astrea is currently sitting out side the closet patiently waiting for Ora to come out and play.

(I call this their awkward first day of school picture)


  1. That picture does look like a "first day of school". They both look a bit confused and awkward.

    Astrea sounds as energetic as Aschiuta, trying to play with the cat. Poor Ora must have had a heart attack seeing Astrea charging for her like that. You guys probably have a lot of fun together.

  2. LOVE the picture!! too cute... looks like me & my feline sister, Bella.

    "commentary to give you paws..."

  3. Great Picture! Astrea and Ora look like they are ready for the first day of school. Great story. It reminds me of our dog (Shyanne) and or cat (Tiger) they play all the time. I have some great pictures of Tiger jumping on Shyanne. It always fun just watching them play.

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