Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Update: File this under Crazy

Remember my post from a couple weeks ago about the woman who tried to mail her son a puppy? Not only did she think she shouldn't be charged with animal cruelty, she tried to get the court to give her the puppy back! Luckily the judge said No. The puppy was taken to the local shelter and put on a hold until they were able to adopt him out.

Not surprising a TON of people locally and world wide wanted to adopt this little pup. So many people wanted the dog that the shelter held a drawing to decide who would be given the privilege of taking in the little dog. Close to 50 people showed up to the shelter for the drawing, but only 1 could be the winner. The 5-month-old schnauzer-poodle mix named Guess was lucky enough to go home with Terri Ford of Minneapolis. Ford said she plans to rename Guess, and hopes that he'll get along well with her black cat, Danvers.

Source: Huffington Post


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