Friday, March 11, 2011

Never shock a...human?

It's no secret that Astrea has a bit of a barking problem. She's very protective of me and our house. She hates bicycles and when people smoke around her. However, I would never even consider getting her a shock collar. Although, I did just order her a Calming Collar, it's on it's way right now and hopefully will help with her barking. I was shocked to find out I have friends who use shock collars, and it breaks my heart, but they just don't understand. They've never been shocked repeatedly. I unfortunately have. I had a nerve conduction study done last year, for what seemed like forever I sat in my neurologist's office as she moved the conductors all up and down my arms, legs, back and neck shocking me over and over again. After that experience, I've always believed if you're going to use a shock collar on your dog, you should know what it feels like. I happened across this video tonight, and I think we can agree, this is a pretty good illustration of why no one needs a shock collar...


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