Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Adventures of Ora and Astrea - The Easter Dress

I promise, I will get back to regularly updating soon. Just a few more days of school to get through then we're back to normal. In the mean time... last night I decided it was Ora's turn to wear my favorite Easter dress. Astrea and Jameson were both at one time subjected to the dress, it's only fair the Ora wear it too, right?

Ora has been wearing the same shirt for several days and it was in desperate need of washing. I decided while I washed the shirt, I'd slip the dress on her. She's dying to be free of clothes, but I knew even five minutes without a shirt on and she'd be licking those stitches right out of her back. So i'd just put the dress on quick and that would be that. Easier said than done apparently. No sooner than I got the shirt off, Astrea was jumping at me trying to rip the dress out of my hands. Astrea fought me the whole time I was putting the dress on Ora. As soon as I got it on her Astrea JUMPED ON ORA! She was trying to rip the dress off of her! Ora quickly ran and hid under the table. Astrea tried to get to her, but the chairs made it difficult, so she then proceeded to sit in front of the table crying until I took the dress off Ora. I put her cute pink and black shirt back on and all was right in the world again. Due to the distress that Ora wearing the dress caused, there is no photo of her looking hilarious in it. So... if anyone is in need of a cute Easter dress, let me know, I have one that no one in this house wants to wear!


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