Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Be the Change for Snoop

There has been a lot of news surrounding Patrick, the puppy who was found starved in a plastic bag left to die in a dumpster. Lucky for Patrick he was found literally just in time. He's been doing better everyday and I have no doubt will end up in a loving, amazing home when he's ready. Unfortunately not all dogs are as lucky as Patrick.

Meet Snoop. This photo is of Snoop when he was first brought into what he thought would be a loving home. This beautiful little guy never had a chance with the owners he was stuck with. He was found last week starved to death on an Oshkosh, WI sidewalk. I'll spare you the photo here, but be prepared there is a photo of Snoop as he was found on the change.org petition site.

This horrible, uncaring owner was identified to police through an informant. That informant led police to the home of Bryan I. Hutcherson, 19. Shockingly, Hutcherson is reported to have told police that the puppy was too stressful and "too expensive" to feed. Instead of surrendering the puppy to an animal control facility, the man and his girlfriend reportedly watched him starve to death before their eyes.

Apparently little Snoop was kept in a wire cage measuring 2 ft x 3 ft - the cage was kept in the couple's living room. The informant told police that the puppy was covered in feces and shaking the last time that he was seen in February. Snoop received nothing to eat, from what his owner told police, he apparently received nothing for over a month.

Hutcherson told the police that he decided to lay the sick puppy on the sidewalk, just 2 blocks from his home, last Thursday - the puppy was so weak that he could not raise his head from the cement. A necropsy showed that the emaciated puppy's organs had systematically shut down as a result of the starvation.

Hutcherson was held on a $1000 bond and will have a preliminary hearing on April 14. He could face fines of $10,000 and up to 3.5 years behind bars. In the court of public opinion, his name will forever be associated with that of a person with no heart. His unidentified girlfriend is also facing charges - her case has been sent to the Winnebago County District Attorney.

Rest in Peace Snoop.

Please stand up for Snoop
. Sign the change.org petition or send a letter to Prosecutor Scott Ceman (fax: 920-236-4952/email: john.jorgensen@da.wi.gov) and Judge John Jorgensen (fax: 920-303-4784). Let the authorities know that you will not stand for a slap on the wrist for this type of behavior. Change in our laws starts with us standing up and letting our government officials and legislators know that we want harsher punishments for animal abusers. So, take a minute sign the Petition or send a letter and then email your representatives and let them know about Snoop's story and that you want our laws to punish these individuals harshly for abusing defenseless animals.


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