Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse!

I saw this video on the ASPCA facebook a couple days ago, just in time for me to send it out to all my friends, because the club I'm in at school is starting a blanket, towel and toy drive this week. It's super cute though and I just had to share it and remind you all - if you're doing spring cleaning, don't throw away those old towels and blankets - or anything else your local shelter could use! As long as your items are clean and in a useable condition, donate them to your local shelter! The animals and volunteers will be forever thankful for your contribution!

Don't know what your local shelter needs? Here are some ideas:

-Washable Toys
-Washable Beds
-Baby Gates
-Heating Pads
-Hot Water Bottles
-Grooming Supplies
-Puppy pads


  1. True, we throw away far too many things that could be reused. My doggie's first puppy bed was made out of old clothes and a carton box. I hope more people heed your advice.

    I also wanted to wish you happy Easter!

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