Sunday, May 29, 2011

Celebrity Sunday: Kelly Osborne

If I remember anything about the show, "The Osbornes" it's that, that family loves their animals. Kelly Osborne had a scare last week with her dog Sid. After eating half a pack of gum he had to make two trips to the vet hospital. Please be sure to keep things like gum and toothpaste out of reach from your pets, the xylitol used to sweeten many products is very toxic to dogs. Luckily, Kelly got Sid to the hospital in time. Sid is doing fine and is ready to take on the world...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Help Hearty Pet, Help the South!

In the midst of all the tragedy that we've seen in the Southern states as a result of the flooding and tornadoes, we've also seen stories of great hope and giving. In an effort to aid the animal shelters and organizations that have been affected in the South, Hearty Pet has pledged to donate 1,500 lbs of food, split evenly between three different shelters/rescues that were affected by the tornadoes. The food will be a combination of cat and dog food. The donations will be shipped out on June 14th.

So how can you help? Hearty Pet wants YOU to vote to decide which shelters will benefit. Hearty Pet has picked seven groups and want you to ultimately decide which three groups will receive the donations.

The voting will take place on Hearty Pet's Facebook page via a voting application. You can only vote once, so make sure to get your friends to "like" Hearty Pet on Facebook and cast their votes as well! Every vote will count and it will help your favorite rescues receive an amazing donation!

If you'd like to participate, voting starts June 1st and ends June 13th.

The rescues/shelters that you are able to vote for are:
Have A Heart Animal Rescue & Adoption - Birmingham, AL
Metro Animal Shelter - Tuscaloosa, AL
Save Our Strays - Birmingham, AL
Greater Birmingham Humane Society - Birmingham, AL
Shelby Humane Society - Columbiana, AL
Tunica Humane Society - Tunica, MS
Etowah Valley Humane Society - Cartersville, GA

Donations will include:
(600lbs) Holistic Select Dog and Cat Bags - Variety of formulas
(225lbs) Wellness Dog Bags - Variety of formulas
(300lbs) Merrick Dry Dog Food 30lb bags - Variety of formulas
(300lbs) Dogswell Vitality and Happy Hips Dog Canes 13oz cases - Variety of formulas
(75lbs) Precise Cat 5.5oz cases - Variety of formulas

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Little Scholar

Astrea came home with me at the end of my first year of law school. I joke that she goes to law school too. She's always by my side helping me read. She has chewed up more than her fair share of flash cards (after I'm done with them of course). And has even snuck into class with me on a few occasions. Today, she decided it was in my best interest if I let her help me with my homework.

Here she is helping me learn why it's a good idea to have a will before you die.

2011-05-26 10.33.52

She even took it upon herself to make sure Ora wasn't being distracting. Here she was warning Ora that it was not time for cuddles yet.

2011-05-26 10.34.02

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Avery Update

After six years.....

Drum roll please.......


Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who shared this beautiful girl's story. Avery had surgery to repair a torn ligament so she can't go to her new home quite yet, but as soon as she has healed and gets the o.k. from the vet, she'll finally be out of the shelter and into a real home with a real family. Also, a huge thank you to IGS Hydroponics who pledged $100 gift certificate for pet food to Avery's new family.

Just goes to show, doesn't matter how near or far you are, we can all do a little bit to help shelter animals find a home.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mobile Monday: Bitty Kitty

Ora likes to have her belly scratched. It hypnotizes her.

2011-05-22 17.34.59

Celebrity Sunday: Ohhhh Kelly Clarkson

I love Kelly Clarkson. I loved when she won American Idol. I haven't really watched the show since then. No one can compare. Anyway, she has a new album coming out and recently tweeted a picture from one of her photo shoots. Here's Kelly and her new pup Joplin.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reunited and it feels so good...

There is nothing I can really say about this video except, I cried my face off. I love when she says, "I have everything in the world now." That pushed me over the edge. I do have to laugh a little, the cat is totally unphased. "Yeah, mom, I'm here. Where the hell have you been? Huh?"

Friday, May 20, 2011

Homeward Bound...

I remember as a kid watching Milo & Otis or Homeward Bound and wondering if lost or forgotten animals really were that smart - and determined - to make it back to their family. I think this dog absolutely proves to me that put in a situation where they need to find their way home, a determined dog will always find his family.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Poor Plastic Jesus

Every now and then Astrea finds something that I wouldn't have considered a dog toy, but she just loves. Her latest find? Dashboard Jesus. I have no idea when I acquired this wonderful piece, but he's always been my toy. Sometimes I would take him and chase Astrea with him. On days when she was being particularly ornery Dashboard Jesus would come out and tell her to behave. So, I about died when I walked into the living room last week and discovered that Astrea was chewing his head off. So of course, I did what any normal person would do - I took pictures...

Look here Jesus
2011-05-14 20.42.31

And unfortunately for Astrea, I had to take him away when I realized she was about to eat his head...

The aftermath...
Poor Dashboard Jesus...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Do you have a home for Avery?

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who helped get the word out on Avery, as of 5/24 - Avery has been adopted! She's healing from surgery and then will make her way to her new home!!

It breaks my heart when I get emails about a dog that has been in a shelter for more than six months, so imagine how I felt when I read that beautiful Avery has been living in a shelter for SIX YEARS. You read that right, Avery is 7 years old and after being picked up as a stray six years ago has lived at the SPCA of Westchester. Do you have a place in your life for Avery?

Avery is a 7 year old female lab mix. She is incredibly smart, very willing to please and full of life. She gives you this adoring look as if to say, "Just tell me what you want me to do!" The shelter doesn't know why she has been passed by for all this time. She knows sit, down and has been using a halti to learn to walk nicely on a leash. She will roll over on her back to get a belly rub, which she loves! She is an older girl, but you would never know it when you meet her. She has an ever hopeful, young spirit that she has been able to maintain for all these years in the shelter. She deserves a chance to learn what a having a loving family of her own is like. Avery is smart, sophisticated, beautiful and sweet but, as sweet as she is, she definitely can’t go with other animals or small children. She needs a quiet child-free, animal-free home and/or a foster home where she can get lots of love and training to learn to live outside the shelter.

If you would like to meet Avery, she is at the Westchester County SPCA at 590 North State Road, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510 or view her petfinder page for more information.

And even if you don't have a home waiting for Avery, please help by passing her story along and liking her on facebook.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Mobile Monday

Ora is great. I was kind of concerned when she first came home because I was afraid she would never give in and be best friends with Astrea. The past week has been hilarious. When she gets into her crazy, meth-head kitty mode and starts running, jumping and bouncing all over the house - she lets Astrea chase her. If Astrea get's too crazy or rough she let's her know by giving her a little punch. Tonight Astrea and I cuddled up to watch Oprah: Behind the Scenes, and Miss Ora decided in her continuing effort to bond with Astrea, she'd cuddle for a minute too...

2011-05-08 21.44.36

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Celebrity Sunday

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott recently announced they were expanding their family. Not only is Tori pregnant, but on Cinco de Mayo Tori announced the newest member of the Spelling-McDermott household is....


Is he not the happiest little pig you ever saw? I'm sure he'll fit in great with CoCo the Chicken and Totes McGoats the goat.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Jet Blue to make donation for pet photos

I copied this article straight from - great promotion that Jet Blue is doing!

He's the most peripatetic of pets, a Maltese poodle with a Hub connection who is now being lionized --- if it's possible for a poodle named Moose to be lionized --- as the poster dog of a new JetBlue Twitter promotion that aims to help an animal welfare foundation.

According to JetBlue, Moose was the airline's most traveled pet in 2010, logging many flights between Buffalo and Boston. Moose's owner Jamie Griebner is originally from Buffalo and is now a law student at Suffolk University, JetBlue said.

To highlight the joys of having a pet like Moose, JetBlue said it has pledged to donate $2 to the Millan Foundation for every pet photo uploaded to Twitter between May 4 and May 18 using the hashtag #JetPaws. (JetBlue has a long-standing program called JetPaws, which seeks to help customers who want to travel with their pets.)

As for the photo contest, the airline's 13,000 crewmembers will vote on their favorite photo, and the winner get will a two-night, three-day vacation package to the Hotel Palomar Los Angeles, a hospitality venue that has been cited for its pet friendliness, JetBlue said.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Arrow Update!!

Remember a few weeks back, I posted about Arrow? At the time he was in Illinois, just a little pup with a spinal injury and partial paralysis. He was being treated and given therapy in hopes of regaining some use of his back legs, but needed a home. Well I'm happy to report that Arrow has been adopted! He's been renamed Scoot and moved to Texas where he's happily living at a YMCA camp where he can swim, play and run - yes run! He may be a little wobbly and less than graceful, but look at this determination...

I'm absolutely amazed by the progress he's making...

For more information or updates on Scoot check out

You're my hero...

Is your dog your hero? Do you want the world to know? Then you must check out You're My Hero: A Celebration of Man's Best Friend. This particular book will be one of a series about personal heroes. You're My Hero (YMH) publications celebrate people (and pets) who inspire, who excite and who educate as a result of their actions. The YMH book series provides a venue for the kinds of stories that almost all of us have, but rarely share beyond our friends and family. Additionally, and just as importantly, YMH books offer a unique and new means of raising funds for causes we hold dear - for our communities, organizations, schools, foundations and charities.

The latest book in the series is truly unique. Produced in partnership with Pinogy Corp, a pet industry service organization, it is devoted to that most selfless of heroes: the dog. Each of the stories selected for publication will be written by owners, family members or by trainers or those directly involved with the events depicted. They are astonishing stories of courage, unconditional love, loyalty, inspiration, sacrifice, sadness and joy. Proceeds from this book will also help support badly needed animal shelters; $5 of each purchase price will be funneled through the American Kennel Club to directly aid animal shelters throughout the country and help find a shelter dog a loving home.

So is your dog your hero? Submit your story! It's easy! First, make sure your story is between 300 and 1500 words. Then tell the story from your heart - not your head. The best stories are always about a specific incident, memory or moment you experienced with your Hero. Imagine you are telling the story to your best friend and you want to tell them how important and significant your Hero is in your life.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Are you ready for GOOD NEWZ?!

It's been almost four years since Michael Vick was indicted on dog fighting charges. Although we've read lots of stories of good news and rehabilitation for the dogs that were seized, there still stood one symbol of the pain and suffering that occurred - the property where "Bad Newz Kennels" was housed. The property where so many dogs were tortured, neglected and killed. Finally, we have good news that the one remaining tie to such horrible acts will also be rehabilitated.

Dogs Deserve Better (DDB), a nonprofit dedicated to ending the cruelty of chaining and penning dogs for life, has succeeded in their bid to obtain a loan for the former Vick Bad Newz Kennels. DDB hopes to close on the property mid-May, when they will begin the transformation to the Good Newz Rehab Center for Chained and Penned Dogs.

The property was sold by Michael Vick to an investor as soon as the heat came on, and has been sitting vacant ever since. The group plans to build a state-of-the-art Rehab center for chained and penned dogs, as well as maintain a memorial for the dogs who lost their lives in the brutality that occurred at the Moonlight Road, Virginia location.

DDB founder Tamira Thayne states, "We are ecstatic to get on the ground and start the transformation of this property and the entire community which was brought to its knees by the brutality that occurred. It's a new day; we are sending a message that animal abuse is out of line with what our country's citizens want. Dogs are family members, part of the pack, and we must honor and respect them as such.

"We are hopeful that having obtained the loan, even more people will step forward with financial support to make our dream for our rescued dogs come true. They deserve it.

"Dogs Deserve Better has worked hard for chained and penned dogs for nine years, winning numerous awards, and fostering as many as 400 dogs per year out of our homes. With a center to call our own, we hope to rescue at least another 500 chained or penned dogs per year and move them on to new and better lives as members of a real, inside home and family. Dog lovers and supporters of our work will be welcome to visit us and our rescue dogs, as well as take a moment to honor the memory of those who died there.

"I ask every dog lover to donate what they can and spread the word. Ask your family, friends, celebrities, company owners, everyone you can possibly think of. Supporting this center as a major donor could only be good publicity, and Dogs Deserve Better continues to be an amazing nonprofit who will not let you down."

For more information on Dogs Deserve Better and how you can help donate to the development of the Good Newz Rehab Center visit or LIKE DDB on Facebook.


Search and Rescue

Between the Royal Wedding and news of Bin Laden, unfortunately I think the plight of the people in the South may be a bit over shadowed. A tremendous amount of people have lost everything, including in some situations, their pets. Luckily, there are still pet rescuers out there working to reunite families through facebook and the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. If you'd like to donate to the efforts, you can donate through Global Animal Foundation. Also, check out this video of a search and rescue group finding a mama dog and her three puppies.


Monday, May 02, 2011

Mobile Monday

Ora got a clean bill of health last week. As a result, she no longer needs to wear clothes. Apparently she missed wearing clothes a little bit, so she decided to go exploring in my dresser.

2011-04-29 10.02.30

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Celebrity Sunday: Royal Wedding Style

I'll admit, I was not sucked into the spectacle that was the Royal Wedding. I did see some of the coverage, it was hard to get away from, but definitely did not wake up in the middle of the night to watch it live. I giggled following Tori Spelling on Twitter seeing all her updates as she prepared for a Royal Wedding Viewing Party. I almost died when I saw how fabulous CoCo, her chicken, looked in her wedding attire. Very regal.


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