Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Little Scholar

Astrea came home with me at the end of my first year of law school. I joke that she goes to law school too. She's always by my side helping me read. She has chewed up more than her fair share of flash cards (after I'm done with them of course). And has even snuck into class with me on a few occasions. Today, she decided it was in my best interest if I let her help me with my homework.

Here she is helping me learn why it's a good idea to have a will before you die.

2011-05-26 10.33.52

She even took it upon herself to make sure Ora wasn't being distracting. Here she was warning Ora that it was not time for cuddles yet.

2011-05-26 10.34.02


  1. So cute! My dog went to law school with me too - she slept on a lot of books I was trying to read. :)

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