Wednesday, May 04, 2011

You're my hero...

Is your dog your hero? Do you want the world to know? Then you must check out You're My Hero: A Celebration of Man's Best Friend. This particular book will be one of a series about personal heroes. You're My Hero (YMH) publications celebrate people (and pets) who inspire, who excite and who educate as a result of their actions. The YMH book series provides a venue for the kinds of stories that almost all of us have, but rarely share beyond our friends and family. Additionally, and just as importantly, YMH books offer a unique and new means of raising funds for causes we hold dear - for our communities, organizations, schools, foundations and charities.

The latest book in the series is truly unique. Produced in partnership with Pinogy Corp, a pet industry service organization, it is devoted to that most selfless of heroes: the dog. Each of the stories selected for publication will be written by owners, family members or by trainers or those directly involved with the events depicted. They are astonishing stories of courage, unconditional love, loyalty, inspiration, sacrifice, sadness and joy. Proceeds from this book will also help support badly needed animal shelters; $5 of each purchase price will be funneled through the American Kennel Club to directly aid animal shelters throughout the country and help find a shelter dog a loving home.

So is your dog your hero? Submit your story! It's easy! First, make sure your story is between 300 and 1500 words. Then tell the story from your heart - not your head. The best stories are always about a specific incident, memory or moment you experienced with your Hero. Imagine you are telling the story to your best friend and you want to tell them how important and significant your Hero is in your life.


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