Sunday, June 05, 2011

Celebrity Sunday: Ice Loves Coco (and Spartacus)!

You knew it would happen. Ice T, Coco and Spartacus are back. If you haven't heard, my life is complete, Ice T and Coco have a new show airing on E! called, "Ice Loves Coco." And of course the real star of the show will be their super cute dog, Spartacus. Check out this clip from the preview for the new show. How can you not love this dog??

For those of you here trying to find out what kind of dog Spartacus is - he's an English Bulldog.


  1. Spartacus is such a cutie pie and I’m not even a dog lover, but he takes the cake. I was on the fence about watching another reality show but after hearing the great reviews it received, I decided to check it out and it was definitely well worth it. I watched it online here and all I had to do was sign into my DISH Network account, click on the E! Network and voila, there it was and now that I work at DISH Network, I know that I’m getting the best value possible!


  2. I love the show and I love Spartacus! I was wondering exactly what kind of dog he is. I'm actually considering getting a dog like him.

  3. Hey We love the show & Love Spartacus & new little baby Maximus. I sent in a coupon for Dog Products from Hope you got it!

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