Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chasing Birds and Swimming Pools

We're still working hard on getting our miles in for the Greenies Walk & Wag4 Life Campaign. Be sure to check in on my original post and tell me how many miles you've pledged for an opportunity to win a suite of Greenie's products.

Astrea's favorite thing to do of all time is chase birds, sort of. See, she doesn't exactly chase the birds, she chases their shadows. And it's not just limited to birds. Anything that flies and leaves a shadow on the ground is opened to be chased. I try to point out butterflies or other flying bugs to her to chase, but she's so busy looking at the ground waiting for the next shadow to pass that she ignores whatever I'm telling her.

2011-06-12 14.15.32

In an effort to spend more time outside and get her moving a little more to meet our Walk & Wag pledge, our afternoon walks have turned into a walk paired with thirty minutes of shadow chasing. You can see in the background of that picture there is a patio in our neighborhood with a lot of bird feeders. As a result, there are a lot of birds. I swear, if I let her, Astrea would sit in this spot all day long chasing birds. The only disappointing part about it is, my community has a very strict leash policy. Luckily she doesn't want to chase the birds very far and her leash is long enough that she gets the satisfaction of chasing one bird just in time for another to fly by and take her in the opposite direction.

2011-06-09 17.14.44

We've also been doing a lot of dog parking to get moving. Astrea isn't always a huge fan of the dog park. Sometimes it's too overwhelming with the number of dogs or some days she just isn't into it. However, with summer comes the pools. Astrea LOVES to get her feet wet. She loves running and chasing the ball for a few minutes and then taking a break to stand in the pool. Lucky for me she isn't the type to roll and get soaking yet, just a little wading in the pool and she's a happy girl, as you can see.

So as you can see we're still working hard to get our miles in - we're not quite half way there yet but we're 35 miles in and we're still going!! Don't forget - tell me how many miles you've pledged so you can win Greenies!!


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