Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pretty Kitty Oscar

Are you looking for a black cat? I think we all should be. I love black cats. Had Ora not come to me, I definitely would have been in search of a black cat. Unfortunately, not everyone is as open-minded about black cats, as a result, little Oscar here has been waiting for a home for 18 months.

Oscar was one of about 25 to 30 cats living at a Sacramento trailer park that was slated to be bulldozed on January 15, 2010, and he's been at the Fat Kitty City sanctuary ever since.

The only reason he seems to get passed up is that he's another one of those all-black cats, but please don't call him nondescript. Oscar is a beautiful Bombay-type, very muscular and powerful, like a miniature panther. He would be an excellent mouser--when you play with him, that piece of string or feather toy gets thoroughly killed. He means business!

He seeks affection and is not afraid to speak up when you're not paying enough attention to him, but for all that talk he's perfectly happy to curl up quietly in your lap. He would love to help you keep your place critter free in exchange for some love and affection. If you are interested in bringing Oscar home, click here for information on how to adopt from Fat Kitty City.


  1. I have two black cats that I love dearly, a short haired one named Mickey and a long haired one named Rocky. It is sad that black cats languish in shelters for no other reason than that they have the wrong color fur.

  2. @Julia Williams It really is terrible. I feel the same way about black dogs. Both my dogs I've had have been black. It hasn't been uncommon for people to ask me why I would ever pick a black dog. It really is amazing to me that something as insignificant as the color of the dog or cats coat can make people decided that they aren't "right."

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