Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Trying to think of new activities?

Astrea and I are still working on our miles for Greenies Walk and Wag for Life. Have you seen our first post and heard how you can win a suite of Greenies products by participating?

This has been a bizarre spring and beginning of summer here in California. Up until today I would have thought it was February. Tons of rain, overcast, cold. I couldn't believe Sunday night when I was wearing a winter coat, scarf and hat to take Astrea for a walk. As a result of the weather, our efforts to get out and get our miles in have been slightly hampered.

I've been trying to make up by finding indoor activities to do. Astrea's not a huge fan of fetch, but will humor me and play sometimes if we're at home. Too bad I don't have a pool table, I could have tried this one!!

In the mean time, the weather is fabulous today. Astrea had tons of fun playing with her doggy friends at day camp and tomorrow hopefully we'll be able to get out and do some good long walks and make up for lost time. Don't forget, you have until June 25 to pledge your miles and enter to win a suite of Greenies!


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