Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heart Pet Day

Today is the first annual Heart Pet Day. The brainchild of Dr. V over at, Heart Pet Day is a day for everyone to remember your heart pet. From pawcurious: "Every pet that enters our lives has a special place in our hearts, without a doubt... But within that hierarchy, there is always that one special one- your heart dog (or cat or horse…), as Dr. Crosby has so aptly described it. The one who really taught you what this whole pet-having-thing is all about."

It's been over two years now since I lost Sancho, but I still miss him all the time. It has gotten easier - a lot easier. I still get misty eyed when his song, Santeria by Sublime, comes on the radio. But I honestly never imagined in my life that losing a pet could be so hard. I truly thought I was crazy when it happened. I couldn't even believe that it was normal that I could take his death so hard. It got to the point that I spent a full day researching and reading articles from therapists, counselors and psychologists about the difference in grieving for a human and grieving for a pet. The one thing that got me through it was the number of people, people who were super close to me and some I barely knew, who came up to me and told me that they knew exactly what I was going through. Knowing that I had support of people who understood when I was so confused, made it tolerable at least.

I had a bajillion cats and even a dog as a kid. I loved them all and enjoyed having them around, but it was nothing like my Sancho. It took me so long to decide to get a dog. I was committing to a dog for life, I never imagined that life would be just a few short months. You grow so attached so quickly though. It's so easy to get used to having someone there to give you puppy kisses each morning and snuggles at night. It's so comforting to know that there is someone who thinks you're the be all and end all of their world. He taught me what it meant to truly connect with an animal. I was never a "dog person" before Sancho. I would have laughed if you told me I'd be driving around with a dog in a car seat beside me. And yet here I am, spending day in and day out with my cat and my dog and loving every minute of it. So today, I raise a toast to my Sancho Pancho Man and thank him for everything he taught me about loving an animal in just a few short months and definitely changing the path of my life.


  1. What a very cool idea. I'll have to remember this for next year. :)
    I know how difficult it is to lose a loved animal and so thank you for sharing your story to raise awareness for "safe adoption."
    Happy Pet Heart Day :)

  2. I can hardly imagine how I will feel when Tails' day comes.

    I loved hearing about Sancho. Especially when he made you wear heals when you walked him. <3

  3. @hilarios I have two pairs of shoes left that he chewed that I still wear. I always laugh when I put them on. I miss him and his hot pink collar haha

  4. I can totally appreciate that it takes time to get over the loss. Its great of you to share because I think some are pressured by society to down play the loss of an animal.

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