Monday, July 18, 2011

Mobile Monday: Cousin Love

We have an extra pup around the house this week. Astrea's cousin Daisy is staying with us while her mommy and daddy enjoy their honeymoon in Hawaii. These two little ladies spent two days at the pet hotel over the weekend and did fantastic. Now they're enjoying being home where they can relax and do their thing. Astrea has fallen back into the swing of having a sibling very quickly and is enjoying having someone to play with.

2011-07-14 20.50.16
I'm re-learning how to successfully walk two dogs.

2011-07-17 23.00.37
Astrea loves Daisy's bed.

2011-07-17 18.13.25
Daisy loves Astrea's bed.

2011-07-17 19.22.20
They both love playing together at the Folsom dog park.


  1. I do agree they are pretty and cute.

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