Monday, July 25, 2011

Mobile Monday: More Daisy Love

It's Daisy's last day with us and I think Astrea is going to miss having a pal around. It's been her goal all week to get Daisy to cuddle and nap with her and she's had some mild success...

This lasted about 5 minutes before Daisy moved to the other couch...
Let's Cuddle

Astrea wasn't happy to have her buddy so far, so she moved closer...
2011-07-21 18.58.03

Finally, SUCCESS we got Daisy to join us in bed for one night...
2011-07-22 22.51.10

And if you can't tell, yes I let the dogs have the whole bed while I try to find a little spot to fit in...


  1. Roscoe is like that with Glacier. If Glacier is lying somewhere and Roscoe thinks he's too far away, Roscoe will go and flop down right beside or on top of him. LOL

  2. @Jess and Glacier It's the cutest thing ever. Astrea is so unimpressed with dogs when she first meets them but very quickly wants to cuddle and fall in love.

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