Friday, July 01, 2011

Walk and Wag - WINNER!!

Thank You so much to everyone who decided to join the Walk and Wag Campaign. Every mile that was pledged counts and you have done something amazing for veterans who need help simply by getting your dogs up and moving. It has become a part of my daily routine now to check in with Walk & Wag, so Astrea and I will continue to pledge miles as long as the campaign continues. It really is the least we can do to help those men and women who have risked their lives in the wars that are going on around the world. We love our men and women of the military for their sacrifice and want to help them any way we can.

So, June is OVER and our plan to meet 100 miles in June was thrown a little off track. Between the icky weather we had at the beginning of the month and Astrea getting sick this week, we couldn't quite get there but - we are VERY close! As of this morning we're at 92 miles this month. Overall Astrea and I have pledged and completed 301 miles. Once Astrea is feeling better and off activity restriction we fully plan to complete these last 8 miles and many, many more. I have every intention of keeping you all updated on the miles we've achieved, and HOPEFULLY the weight that Astrea has lost along the way.

If you haven't joined the Walk & Wag Campaign, there is no better time than the present. In fact - this is a fantastic time to sign up because between now and July 11, 2011 Greenie's will donate an additional $5 to Freedom Service Dogs for each new pet parent that signs up.

So for some of you, I know you're reading this for the most important part of this post...Who is the big winner of the Greenie's?!? Well, first, once again thank you to those of you who signed up for the challenge, your support is fantastic. And congratulations to Megan, Whiskey and Tails!! I'll get in touch with you so we can find out how to deliver your prize.


  1. yay meeeee! Tails & Whiskey will love their nomnomnoms

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