Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This is what a shelter pet looks like...

For a while I was volunteering at the local animal shelter walking dogs and cleaning kitty cages. From time to time the volunteer coordinator sends out emails about special needs animals at the shelter who need foster or just to help get the word out on a new animal looking for a home. I got this email the other night and it broke my heart, if you want to know what kind of animals are at the shelter read this story, because it's not uncommon right now. If you have room in your family right now for another pet, please visit your local shelter and bring home an amazing animal looking for a forever home. If you can't take in another animal, find a local pet panty/food closet in your area and donate pet supplies that will allow families in need to keep their pets until they get back on their feet.

This is Precious and here is her story...

It’s probably not fair to call this kitty’s situation special, because the sad fact is that we see so many just like hers every day. However this is one story that really touched me. Late last Saturday night, a couple knocked on the Admissions Door, and when I opened it I was met with a very nice couple toting two suitcases containing the last of their belongings, and a pet carrier with their most prized possession, their 2 year old cat named Precious.

The couple became homeless a few weeks ago and had been living in a motel until Saturday, but could no longer afford to stay there. They were crying uncontrollably because they had gone as far as they could with Precious, and knew life on the streets was not going to be fair to her. They had looked tirelessly for someone to take her, but with no luck our shelter was their last resort. This couple looked like anyone you might know, they could have been your next door neighbors, your brother or sister, aunt or uncle, and they loved this cat beyond words.

Although Precious was a little nervous about what was taking place, she was purring and affectionate with her people as they cried while completing the surrender paperwork. Having her whole world turned upside down, she is now hiding in the back of her cage and barely eating. Her people told me Precious had been exclusively an indoor-only cat whom they had since she was a kitten, and whose favorite thing to do is to play with bottle caps on their tile floor and sleep with them on their bed. Precious is a very petite girl, maybe 5 lbs, is litter box trained, uses a scratching post and is used the being someone’s “baby cat”.

While Precious is only one of many thousands very deserving pets that come into our care every year, this inconsolable couple and their cat were a vivid reminder to me of all the devoted owners whose life circumstances have placed them in a horribly painful position of having to give up their beloved pets and holding hope that someone else will be able to help provide them a better life. In this case, I made a promise to this couple and myself that I’d try to be that person as best I could.

Attached is a photo of Precious. Please share it, re-post on your social networking sites and remind everyone there are millions of Precious’ in every shelter who are all looking for the same thing, a loving place to call home for the rest of their lives. The couple left me with a cell phone number, unsure of how much longer they’d be able to keep it, and I hope to be able to call them very soon to set their hearts at rest and with good news of Precious being adopted into the most perfect home. In the absence of an immediate perfect forever home, I’d like to get Precious into a calm foster home where she can de-stress and feel safe while her search continues.

Precious is a lucky girl, the dedicated volunteers at the shelter were able to find her a foster home and in a few days her potential adoptive family is coming to meet her and hopefully take her home to start her new life with them.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Let's play!!

(F)unemployment has become a full time job. I've neglected a blog a bit as a result. I promise, I'm back on track Monday. (I tell myself everyday, I'll get back on track tomorrow.) Anyway, all the time at home means Astrea gets to play outside for at least an hour everyday. As a result she's happier and even more ambitious about playing with Ora. Ora is slowly caving to the pressure...sorta. This is Astrea playing with Ora today, I'm not quite sure if Ora was playing back.

2011-08-25 10.23.21

2011-08-25 10.23.12

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Celebrity Sunday: Giggy is Back!

I've missed seeing Giggy around, but he's popped up in a super funny ad for the VH1 "Do Something Awards." Fair warning there may be one or two bad words in this video, so watch with caution.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Big Little Life...

I've very quickly realized that during Astrea's hour of shadow chasing I've managed to read a lot. I spoiled myself by purchasing a Nook and I've made it through more books than I should probably admit. My first purchase was A Big Little Life by Dean Koontz. One of my best childhood friends introduced me to Dean Koontz when were in the fourth grade. I realize now, fourth graders should not be reading Dean Koontz - unless it's this book. As soon as I started reading I was hooked and took a little more than a day to finish. "A Big Little Life" was a wonderful tribute to Koontz dog Trixie that of course, had me sobbing by the end. There was one particular passage that struck me, and I'm sure a lot of you can relate so I wanted to share it here...

When we have the deepest of affection for a dog, we do not possess that love but are possessed by it, and sometimes it takes us by surprise, overwhelms us. When we take a dog into our lives, we ask for its trust, and the trust is freely given. We promise, I will always love you and bring you through troubled times. This promise is sincerely, solemnly made. But in the dog’s life as in our own, there come those moments when we are not in control, when we are forced to acknowledge our essential helplessness. To want desperately to protect a dog and to have to trust instead in others – even a fine surgeon – compels us to yield to the recognition of the limits of the human condition, about which we daily avoid consideration. Looking into the trusting eyes of the dog, which feels safe in our care, and knowing that we do not deserve the totality of its faith in us, we are shaken and humbled.

I'm trying to limit the number of animal related books I read because they always get me crying, but I totally recommend this book to anyone who loves a good love story about a man and his dog...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Working Dogs Don't Stop

I'm always so inspired by stories of dogs that work through pain or injury to finish their job. In the midst of the London riots one police dog suffered a skull fracture but kept on going. He's on the mend now and being hailed as a hero...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mobile Monday: Happiest Girl in the Whole Wide World

I *officially* graduated from law school a little over a week ago. As I hunt for jobs to fill the time before I start reviewing for the bar Astrea and I are getting increasingly spoiled with my time at home. Our afternoon walks have turned into 10 minutes of walking and an hour of reading in the shade and chasing shadows. At least once a week I thank my neighbor for her FIVE bird feeders that provide an endless supply of bird shadows for Astrea to chase. I wish I could have recorded the entire hour that we were under our tree on Friday, but I doubt anyone would want to see that but me. So here is 22 seconds of Astrea and her happy tail...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Family Reunites with Dog after 14 Months

This is a tragic story with a somewhat happy ending, and also a prime example of why keeping your pets in a safety harness or car seat is the safest place in the car. This family not only lost their dog, Caesar, for 14 months but also two family members were killed in a car accident. The car accident occurred because Caesar was unrestrained and ended up at the feet of the driver. Please, keep your pets safely restrained when driving, the consequences could be deadly.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You can fix?

I can't tell you how many times a day I walk out to find this, Ora sitting next to her toy waiting for me to up right it and turn it back on. I tried to tell her, if she stopped dragging it all over the house and trying to take it in her house or on the bed it wouldn't fall over. She never listens to me...

You can fix?

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Celebrity Sunday: Jackson and Bear

If you don't know who Jackson Hurst is, you must not be watching the greatest summer show on television - Drop Dead Diva. Not only is Jackson a wonderful actor, and not so bad to look at, he's a strong supporter of animal adoption. His new pup, Bear, was over looked at the shelter for being a black, pit-mix puppy. After weeks of waiting, Bear found a loving family in Jackson. Bear was adopted from the Atlanta Humane Society, and Jackson has this to say about shelter pets, "I definitely recommend rescuing when you are going to get a pet because there are some amazing ones out there." And even though Bear may have a bad habit of chewing things that aren't meant for dogs, Jackson still loves his wonderful pup. Look at some of the cute photos of Bear from

Monday, August 01, 2011

Mobile Monday: Making the Bed

When Astrea was a puppy I would pull my bedding out of the dryer and we would play in the blankets and sheets until I eventually made the bed around her still playing. Two and a half years later Astrea still likes to help me make the bed some days...

2011-07-28 12.31.38

I helped.


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