Saturday, September 17, 2011

Huzzah!! We're on our way!

I just had to share my little moment of excitement. As you all know we've been struggling with Astrea's weight for months now. We started with just a couple pounds to lose. We followed the vets feeding instructions on weight loss food and gained more weight in addition to ear infections. We stabilized after that but then Astrea got sick and the steroids combined with major lethargy led to even more weight gain. After the last vet visit in July we decided to start our own plan. I asked the vet how many a calories a day she should be eating and adjusted the foods I know she does well on according to that number of calories. At first she was a little upset, but now she loves her meals each day. She has dry food for breakfast, Honest Kitchen for dinner and then she gets some carrots or bell peppers as snacks during the day.

(This is her OH.MY.GOD.I.LOVE.CARROTS picture)

It's been about 6 weeks since we started and we're in a good routine with her meals, walks and play time for exercise. Today we had a vet appointment and although she's got a little skin infection around her eye (boo!) the good news is - her weight is FINALLY going in the right direction. Now it's not much, so far she's only lost .2 lbs but when you've been struggling for months and seeing the numbers go up and up .2 lbs down is a victory, even if just a minor one. We talked with the vet some more and decided to cut her calories down just a little bit more and we'll check her weight again in a month. So, although it's not a big loss and we've still got 8 pounds to go - we're .2 closer to that goal! Hooray Astrea!!

2011-08-30 11.26.44


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