Monday, September 12, 2011

Mobile Monday: We survived!!

This past weekend I took a little trip to Disneyland with a couple of my friends. We had a grand time, did all our favorite Disneyland things and saw my favorite band, Hanson. Unfortunately for Astrea and Ora, while I was off gallivanting in the Happiest Place on Earth, they had to be boarded. I wasn't that worried about Astrea, she's been there before, knows the staff well, and had her cousin Daisy to keep her company. Ora on the other hand I was very scared for. She went from being a stray to living with my parents and then me. She's never been confined in a space smaller than my condo. She knew something was up as soon as I pulled her harness out. She screamed the whole car ride and wanted desperately to escape. I got one picture before I took them inside.

I picked them up this morning. Ora survived. Word on the street is she had a wonderful time showing off for whoever was playing with her at the window. She did not suffer from lack of attention. She went for a good crazy run through the house when we got home, but now has settled back into her routine. Astrea apparently realized she hasn't been taking enough advantage of her freedom and decided to go on a long, long, long walk tonight.


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