Friday, September 16, 2011

Samurai Dog!!

When Astrea was a baby I made the mistake of teaching her a game called burglar. I was would wear this old, tattered sweatshirt, then I would ask her "What are you gonna do if a burglar comes?" over and over and over and then we would play wrestle and she would attack my sweatshirt. The problem came when Astrea started to get bigger and stronger. I would wear the sweatshirt just because I was cold and Astrea would immediately go in to play burglar. I've since tossed the sweatshirt and we no longer play burglar, but I'm thinking maybe when I'm a gajillionaire I will invest in this and we can play a new game - DOGGY SAMURAI!



If you're interested, according to this suit of dog armor -- identified by antique Japanese armor dealer Toraba.Com as the only known and certified authentic example of its kind -- is believed to have been created for the pet of a wealthy, high-ranking and presumably eccentric samurai or daimyo (feudal lord) in the mid to late Edo period (mid-18th to mid-19th century). Although the carved wooden helmet and coat of black-lacquered scale mail would have provided effective protection against enemy attack, evidence suggests the canine never wore the armor into battle. More likely, the suit served as a decorative costume for parades and other formal ceremonial occasions. The samurai dog armor now belongs to an unnamed UK museum.



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