Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vets and Pets in Sacramento!

Attention all Sacramento Area Veterans - would you like a photo of you with your furry best friend? Nicole McArthur Photography will be at the Sacramento County Shelter (off Bradshaw) on November 11th between 1-4 PM. In exchange for any donation to the shelter she will be taking a photograph of veterans with their pets, and including a 5x7 print.

The shelter is closed for adoptions on this day because it is a holiday, but staff and volunteers will be here to give tours and some special attention to the veterans and their families.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ollie Update!

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who has donated to the Orphan Puppy and Kitty Fund to support Ollie. With your help enough money was raised to get Ollie the blood tests he needed. The blood panel came back normal for a kitty in his shape, which is a good thing. He was prescribed some antibiotics and pain meds to help fight the infection/pain in his mouth, and dental surgery was proposed. A few days later, after discovering two lumps under Ollie's chin, the veterinarians at Old River Veterinary Hospital decided to generously perform the surgery Ollie needs although all the funds have not yet been raised.

Ollie underwent surgery yesterday, and is doing great! A few rotten teeth were pulled, but the doctor could not find anything else seriously wrong. One tooth will require a procedure by a dental specialist, but that's for another day. His vital signs have improved week by week so he is getting healthier and stronger! The doctor kept him overnight, but he's headed back to his foster mom's house today for a little R&R. With all the progress he's made, Ollie is one step closer to finding his forever loving home! Follow his progress on facebook.

So, his first surgery is out of the way, but this means we still need to raise more money to pay for the surgery and the procedure to come. Ollie's foster family is still looking for donations, but would like to offer a few options of very cute Ollie inspired items for sale. In the mood for something sweet? How about an Ollie Pop?

Ollie Pops are a super cute festive lollipop for $1.50 + Shipping. If you'd like to buy an Ollie Pop and support Ollie's recovery, please email The ones shown have fall themed ribbon, but can also be made with Christmas ribbon. And...If Ollie Pops aren't your thing - check out Angels for Ollie.

If you're interested in an Angel, email for pricing and other information.

Interested in a one of a kind vinylmation Ollie?

Mo Doodle Designs is creating a custom Ollie 3D art piece to be raffled off on her facebook page. The photo above is just the beginning of the process, she will be posting photos as the piece progresses. If you're interested in purchasing a raffle ticket, contact Mo Doodle Designs through their facebook page.

And of course, there is always the Ollie Chipin Page if you have a few dollars to spare. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Blog the Change to Stop Puppy Mills

It's another Blog the Change Day, and this October, many animal bloggers across the web have decided to all post about the same topic - ending puppy mills. In my animal law class we watched a video about an undercover investigation into puppy mills. I couldn't even keep my eyes on the screen. I had to keep looking away between wiping away the tears. To see the pain and hopelessness in those dogs faces was just too much for me. It's hard for me look at situations like that because I want to save everyone. I want to fix everything. And I know I can't. But I can do something. And so can you.


So what can you do?

First, take the pledge! Pledge that if a store sells puppies (as opposed to allowing a rescue organization to use their store to conduct adoptions) you will not shop for ANYTHING in that store. It's not enough to say you won't buy a puppy there. Every time you spend a dollar in a store you are telling that business that you support EVERYTHING they do. Bottom line is - money speaks. The only way to let that store know that you will not support their practices is to not give them your hard earned cash. These stores will not change their ways until you hit them where it hurts - in their pocketbook. And make your voice heard. Ask to speak with a manager. Let them know that you use to be a customer, but until they end the practice of selling puppies you will not return to that establishment. And then tell your friends. Tell your your coworkers. Tell everyone you know. Write a letter to the editor. Encourage everyone that will listen to choose another store to shop at for their pet needs.

Second, buy products and support companies that are working to help end the problem of puppy mills. I am so proud to say that Astrea eats Honest Kitchen food everyday. Honest Kitchen refuses to stock their product in stores that sell puppies and have recently pulled their advertising from Pet Age magazine after an editorial in Pet Age came out in support of puppy sales in retail outlets. Companies that are devoted to ending puppy mills and supporting adoptions are going to help make this change happen faster than we can because, like I said before, money does the talking.

Finally, educate yourself and those people you know about the plight of puppy mill dogs and the availability of shelter dogs. Puppy mill dogs live in squalid conditions and often suffer from adverse health conditions and long term psychological effects as a result. So many people want a pure bred dog, or a specific breed and simply do not know that they can find that perfect animal their looking for at a shelter or through a rescue organization. There are breed specific rescue groups all across the country trying to find loving homes for their dogs. There are back yard breeders dumping pure bred animals (often times with paperwork) at shelters everyday. There is simply no need for puppy mills or retail outlets selling puppies. The number of homeless animals out there continues to rise everyday, and by purchasing a puppy from a pet store only adds to the problem.

And then when you're done, go hug your animals. Tell them you love them and that you are doing the best you can to make sure that every homeless dog, cat, bunny, horse, etc can be as lucky and loved as they are.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pit Bull Awareness Month

It's Pit Bull Awareness Month again here in Sacramento! Join Sacramento County Animal Care and Control for educational seminars and Canine Good Citizen testing in October. Click here for more information.

Pit Bull Awareness Month

And if you're still looking for that perfect new addition to your family, it's also time for Adoptoberfest which means 50% off adoptions! Cost includes licensing, microchip, vaccinations and spay/neuter. Click here for more information.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mobile Monday: Make New Friends

Astrea likes to make new friends. She doesn't discriminate. In fact, she is drawn to people and things that are different from her. A couple weeks ago she decided she wanted to make friends with a praying mantis. The praying mantis wasn't such a huge fan of the idea, but I let her check him out for a minute before forcing her to leave him alone and finish our walk.

2011-09-27 16.51.05
2011-09-27 16.50.40
2011-09-27 16.50.28
2011-09-27 16.49.45

Friday, October 07, 2011

Can You Help Ollie?

I think everyone has "that friend." You know who I'm talking about, that one person you know that will always feed a stray cat or that pulls over on the side of the road in the pouring rain to round up a loose dog. I have that friend too. Her name is Pam. For as long as I've known her she's always been saving someone. And of course, things never change and she's got another little soul tugging at everyone's heart strings. Meet Ollie.

save ollie

Ollie showed up on Pam's doorstep a couple weeks ago. He was a hungry little guy, covered in fleas. It didn't take long before Pam was not only feeding Ollie, but setting up his bed, working on treating his fleas - and giving him a name. Now that Ollie is doing a little better, he's in need of some veterinary care. So far the local veterinary office, Old River Animal Hospital, has been able to treat Ollie with funds from their "Orphan Puppy and Kitten Fund." Unfortunately, there was just enough money to cover a few tests. Now Ollie needs some blood and dental work done. So, why am I posting about Ollie? We need your help to raise some funds and get his health back! Pam and her daughter Kaitlyn are collecting donations for the "Orphan Puppy and Kitten Fund" to cover not only the cost of Ollie's veterinary care, but to help other orphaned pets. If you can help Ollie please donate through chipin below or email for more information.

Want to see how Ollie is improving? Follow Ollie on Facebook!


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