Monday, November 21, 2011

The Ollie Chronicles

When we last visited the Ollie Chronicles, Ollie made it through his first surgery and was on his way home to recuperate with his foster momma. Things were going well, but then poor Ollie took a turn. Once his antibiotics and pain medications were finished he quickly started to deteriorate. Poor Ollie was in a lot of pain and had stopped eating and drinking as a result. His foster mom took him into VCA Old River who determined it was too urgent to continue waiting and made the decision to admit Ollie for a few days to get him hydrated and stable.

From Old River Ollie was transferred to The Sexton Clinic in Alamo, CA. The extent of the problem with Ollie's little mouth was still unclear so the first thing on the schedule was a gum biopsy. Luckily the biopsy provided good news and no cancer was found, but the damage to Ollie's teeth and gums was evident. He was diagnosed with feline LPGS (Lymphocytic-Plasmacytic Gingivitis Stomatitis) and was scheduled for full mouth teeth extractions. Although full mouth teeth extractions sound a bit extreme, this method of treatment has proven to be very effective so cats can live out the rest of their days, pain free. I'm sure Ollie won't complain once he discovers that he feels tremendously better and will get his favorite wet foods for the rest of his life.

So how is Ollie today? Well, as I'm writing this I imagine he's probably very sleepy and hopefully comfortable. If it hasn't already begun, I'm sure he's about to go in for surgery. On Sunday Ollie was transported the dental specialist to have his pre-op work done, which included a pain patch and an e-collar. Ollie was supposed to spend the night back with his foster mom and then head back for surgery, but of course Ollie had other plans. As they drove out of the parking lot Ollie managed to tear off the e-collar and then started work on getting the pain patch off. Rather than taking Ollie home and hoping that he didn't take the pain patch off in the middle of the night, Ollie was admitted to the office where he could be monitored right up until his surgery. After his surgery Ollie will spend some time recovering at the specialist's office so that he can be monitored closely. From there, hopefully, Ollie will be well enough to finally find him a permanent home.

So today, if you have a minute, send some positive energy to Ollie that his surgery goes well and he heals quickly. To those of you who have already donated or purchased an Angel for Ollie, thank you so much, your generosity is greatly appreciated. And if you'd still like to help Ollie, please consider purchasing an Angel for Ollie or donate via chip in below. And of course, if you have any questions, contact


  1. Sending some positive vibes to Ollie. Hope everything works out ok!

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