Friday, December 16, 2011

And now I'm the proud owner of a toothless cat...

Ok she's not totally toothless, but my hopes of clearing up Ora's stinky breath with a water add-in and a cleaning were quickly dashed this week. My poor little girl is currently hiding under my dresser, mad at the world, but soon she'll realize it was for the best.

The saga began last Saturday. When we woke up, I went to feed Ora and noticed the right side of her little face was swollen. I tried to look to see what happened, but she did not want me touching her face. So, rather than make her mad, I just kept an eye on her. Aside from the swelling everything else was fine - she ate, drank, and played like normal. Astrea was going in to the vet for a check up the next day, so I called and asked if I could bring Ora in too.

The vet immediately knew that it was a tooth causing the swelling and we decided we couldn't put her cleaning off any longer. From the looks of it she thought that the cleaning and some antibiotics would do the trick and she'd be back to normal. We discussed doing an extra dental cleaning every year just in case, but nothing seemed to out of the ordinary. Of course she gave me the "worse case scenario" which involved maybe pulling out the tooth causing the swelling, nothing too drastic though. It all sounded easy enough so we made an appointment for later in the week to come in and get it all done.

Ora and I spent the past few days playing chase and wrestle to get the antibiotics in her and then today was the big day. Poor thing, Ora never gets to go anywhere good in the car. If we're going for a ride, she knows something crappy is about to happen, either she's getting ditched at the hotel or going to the vet. She cried the whole way and then turned into a major love bug while we waited to drop her off. Because it all seemed pretty standard I expected to pick her up in the afternoon and everything would be great.

Around two the office called to let me know she was doing fine, BUT they discovered the extent of the damage to her teeth and gums was way worse than expected. Those first 5-6 months of her life in the "wild" did not do Ora any favors in the dental health department. My poor girl had so much damage that they took out not one, not two but NINE teeth today. NINE! When they started running down the list of which teeth they were removing I was beginning to wonder if she would have any left! That's a lot of teeth to lose for one little kitty, but she's a champ. She did really well, got lots of paid meds and cuddled me like she never has before when I picked her up.

So now, my stinky kitty is a toothless kitty. She's still mad at me, but in the time it took me to write this she did come out from under the dresser. I think she's still loopy from the pain meds though, she's doing some sort of odd run/dance through my living room. Maybe if I'm lucky she'll decide that even though I'm a mean lady, scratchies and belly rubs are worth sitting in my lap for tonight...


  1. I've never seen a toothless cat. Your cat must have been so cute. I wanna see her smile.

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  2. That must be extremely painful for your cat and I think it crushed its self-esteem. But you're right, it's for her own good. We only wish there are dentures for cats.

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