Sunday, January 15, 2012

Celebrity Sunday: Kelly Clarkson

From American Country Countdown:

Hey Kix,

I have to tell y'all this story! It's unbelievable!

So, I had an awesome New Year's last night with some friends in Oklahoma and then I had to head back home to Texas this morning to get back to catch a plane and when I arrive home my sister calls me bawling saying when she took my two little dogs (Security and Joplin) outside to potty last night, the fireworks all around the area where we live scared Joplin so much (he is shy and skittish) he ran away. He is small, black (hard to see at night), and doesn't bark so he doesn't make a sound (because I teach my dogs that barking is bad) and also he isn't even a year old!

I lost it (like a little girl) and started bawling when she told me. Seriously, I was so dramatic (hard to believe, I know), but I don't have children and they are my babies that I sleep with every night.

Anyway, I literally walked around for hours looking for him.

I have a certain whistle that I do that they recognize and I was whistling and yelling his name while two neighbor dogs (Luna and Buddy) were walking with me. Then I started walking through this land across from us that's like 400 acres and is undeveloped and rough terrain and home to many coyotes and God knows what else and I thought maybe he ran in there, so me and Luna and Buddy walked for another hour around this land and then I just started bawling and sat down on the ground giving up (because it has been a really rough week for me and my family and I couldn't stop thinking of how scared Joplin must be) and Buddy started licking me and then barking and trying to get me up when all of the sudden they dart across this big giant pond and are doggy paddling in it and then I'm thinking, "Oh sure now they're gonna leave me and all I have is this stupid knife to defend myself." Ha! Then, they start doggy paddling towards this big sticker/brush tree thing that is half in and half out of this pond and I whistle once just because I'm cheesy and thinking that life is like some movie and my dog is gonna be there AND HE WAS!!!!

I swear, I can't believe I'm admitting this but I ran through the shallow part of the pond which was knee deep yelling for him as if he were the last living thing on the planet and he was stuck in all these vines with thorns and he was half in the water and stuck and I got my knife and cut him free and ended up having to carry him home!!!


My sister came climbing over one of the hills a bit later because I called her and told her I was lost but I had found Joplin and after we yelled for a while to find each other we cried so hard - like we were 10 years old - almost the entire walk home! Yes, I might be too attached to my dogs and highly sensitive, but I don't care :) I love them!

Buddy and Luna are heroes!!! I am so happy!! 2012 is gonna rock because my year just started off with a freaking miracle!! Seriously, if you lose a dog around here, they either get hit by a semi or eaten by coyotes. You don't EVER get them back!

Best part of this story though is when I walk in to the emergency vet clinic and I'm checking him in to make sure everything is alright with him and the girl saw my credit card and says to me "Oh, you have the same name as Kelly Clarkson," and I said "Oh yeah" not really paying her much attention because at this point I'm gripping and focusing on Joplin and then she says "Oh, but you're way prettier than her." Hahahaha!! I looked up and I said, "Thank you, I think. I am her," and the girl got so red in the face and almost started crying. Haha! It was awesome! Well, horrible for her but very funny to me and my mom.

Sorry my story is so long, but it is a miracle and I had to share! I am covered in mud, dirt, and stickers so now I am going to go shower and continue to love the hell out of 2012!!

Love y'all and I hope y'all have a great New Years Day!!

Kelly :)


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