Friday, January 27, 2012

Help Shadow's Fund Stay Open

Sometimes I wonder if people get sick of me posting pleas to help struggling organizations, but then I don't care. And here's why, I don't expect that people always can or want to give. I know it's not possible to give to every person or group that needs help, but you never know if the right person will see it and be moved to make a donation. So with that said, here's another "please help these guys out" posts and expect that they'll keep coming in the future. :)

Shadow's Fund needs your help to stay open. Please read on for more information, or visit to donate.

Here's a message from their website:

A little over a year ago we took over the lease of a 100 acre ranch and opened the doors to a very special place for animals in need. The Sheltering Oak Sanctuary was created as a safe haven for pit bulls and senior dogs - the dogs first to be abandoned and last to be adopted. Many of the dogs that come to us have been left behind, abused, or neglected. We give them all the time they need to learn how to trust again, to understand that people can be kind and loving (not just cruel) and to become ready for a new home. Their forever home if we do our jobs well. During our first year of operating the sanctuary we have helped 90 of the most high risk dogs get the help they need, we have opened our doors to disabled adults and at risk youth - understanding the profound ability animals have to help people heal too. The sanctuary is home to some 50 animals on any given day. Dogs in need of a 2nd chance, horses, pigs, chickens and plenty of wildlife.

Today we face serious risk of losing the ranch, and closing the doors to the sanctuary if we cannot raise the funds needed to purchase it. We're so close and yet we still need to raise almost $100,000 more - right now. It seems like an insurmountable number but if you've ever visited the sanctuary you would see that our sign at the gate says "come dwell in hope". We won't be the ones to give up on hope now. Not when so many lives look to us to provide hope for them. Hope that they will make it out of the shelter alive. Hope that they will experience life without abuse or empty stomachs or cold nights on the street. . .

We CANNOT do it without a small army behind us. We're not asking for much. We're only asking for a small donation and that you would tell a friend or two about us and ask them to make a small donation. It adds up quickly and for a very small contribution you will play a role in keeping our doors open permanently so that we will always be there for the animals no one else will help.

Please make a one time donation of whatever you can afford and help us spread the word by sharing it with your friends with a personal note from you. We are 100% volunteer and work 7 days a week to be there for as many dogs as we can. If you help us, we will continue to work hard to earn the support you've given. I know we can do this! Please stand by us now. This is our only shot to make this miracle happen.


  1. I think it's great that you do it, I think you're 100% right, you just never know what will strike a cord with whom!

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