Monday, January 30, 2012

I failed as a cat lady.

I realized sometime last week that I failed as a cat lady. For about three weeks I'd been telling myself I needed to look up what day I brought Ora home last year. I knew it was in January but I couldn't remember the exact date. Since, I don't know her birthday, I wanted to celebrate her "Gotcha Day." So of course I kept telling myself, "I'll look it up later," and before I knew it, I'd missed it. What kind of person forgets that and just let's it go without a gift or a treat or anything. I was a complete and utter failure.

But then - I had an epiphany - subconsciously I had remembered! You see - a couple weeks ago a friend posted on facebook that she had a kitty in need of a home and would send the adopter home with a cat tree (at a great price!) if they wanted it. I did not hesitate, I didn't want the kitten (ok I did, but I couldn't have it) but I surely wanted that cat tree. I can't afford a cat tree at the store, but this was totally in my price range. So I left her a comment and told her if the adopter didn't want the tree I'd take it. I was very excited a few days later when she let me know I could have it. So, on Friday the 13, my friend and I went and picked it up. I brought it home and set it up for Ora on January 14. And then, once I finally looked it up, I found out Ora's gotcha day was actually January 15. So once I figured that out I was pleased with myself and was no longer a failure. I had succeeded! I also made a note to myself to remember Astrea's birthday on the 31st.

Anyway, all of this story was just so I could show you how cute Ora is on her new favorite toy. She is the happiest I've ever seen her since we got this thing set up.

2012-01-21 18.00.41

2012-01-23 17.44.04


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