Friday, February 10, 2012

Calling all love birds!

I know, super cheesy title with Valentines just around the corner - but I've been really sick and my imagination seems to still be recovering from the flu. Now that we've got past that, anyone looking for a bird? I don't think people realize that animal shelters take in more than just dogs and cats. The Sacramento County Shelter is home to dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, birds and more! Check out the beautiful birds currently looking for homes at the Sacramento County Shelter. If you're interested in adopting, see below for adoption costs and how the birds came to the shelter.

We need help finding homes for all of our birds! We have a pair of mitrid conures, they are the green birds with red heads. They are a pair and must be adopted together $300. We have a yellow headed amazon $350 (experienced owner only). We have two pairs (we will not split them up) of cockatiels $40 for each pair. We also have one single cockatiel that is $20. The birds came out of three different homes where owners had died. It is a strange fluke that they all came in together. Call us (916-368-7387) for more detailed information or come on down and see them!


  1. You drew me in with that post title! I have often wondered about owning a bird, hope the find a home soon!

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