Monday, February 13, 2012

Clean Up Your Act, Sacramento!

Has anyone else seen this new project from Sacramento Photographer Tamara Watson? It's called "Clean Up Your Act, Sacramento" and we definitely need to. Sacramento has a trash problem, and I'd say it extends throughout much of the county - which makes me sad. I don't know why people think it's acceptable to throw their trash on the ground, but they do. For those of us with dogs (and I'm sure for people with kids too!) it makes things difficult sometimes. Astrea is a sucker for any paper that once held a burger or burrito - but she always gets the same response from me - "Leave it! We don't know what that is!" I usually follow up with a talk about how we can't go poking our noses into everything we see, trying to eat strange things. We also talk about not taking treats from strangers - you never know what they could be. Anyway, Tamara has come up with this cute campaign, using her supermodel Rupert, to tell the people of Sacramento to take a minute and clean things up! You can read more about the campaign at Tamara's blog and be sure to LIKE the facebook page! And of course, check out Rupert looking beautiful, even among the trash.


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