Saturday, February 04, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Astrea

Well, at least I'm an equal opportunity special day forgetter this year. All my reminders to not forget Astrea's birthday after I forgot Ora's Gotcha Day - and I still forgot. I realized last night that Astrea's birthday had come and gone with out even a "happy birthday." So today, I decided to put the books to the side for a bit and have a little birthday celebration. We went on a nice nature walk and then I made her a little cake. It was a little bittersweet, since this is the first year we haven't celebrated her birthday with her friend Athena, but I think she was happy just the same.

2012-02-04 12.14.20

2012-02-04 15.32.49

2012-02-04 15.34.14


  1. Happy happy birthday! Look at that cake, must have been delicious!!

    1. It was! I usually do a peanut butter, banana and tuna cake for her. But I had a really yummy vegan pumpkin muffin recipe so I did that this year and actually got to taste it!



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