Monday, February 06, 2012

My Study Partners

Astrea and Ora are feeling a little neglected lately. Even though Astrea gets the same amount of walks, and Ora still gets her afternoon belly rub every day - they're still feeling like I'm spending too much studying. When Astrea is ready for me to be done she will come sit in my lap. Doesn't matter if there is a book or papers or flashcards in my lap. She plants herself and demands attention. Ora on the other hand will jump up on the table and knock all my stuff on the floor. Finally, the other day they decided they would just suck it up and accept that sitting with me in the office is as good as it's going to get right now. They sure are cute though, aren't they?

2012-01-21 22.05.00
Love Me, Not Books.

2012-01-21 22.14.27
What's so special about this junk?

2012-01-29 15.03.07
Study Group!


  1. Too cute. I don't get what's do special about the books momma reads either...

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