Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Monday: Pictures For Sad Children

I think I've mentioned it here before, I LOVE comics. I don't get the newspaper at home, so I always look for fun comics online. I'm not entirely sure how I came across Pictures for Sad Children, but I saw this comic and about died laughing. Astrea hates going on her walk at night. Sometimes I get her leashed up and we walk outside three or four times before she will finally go on the walk to go potty. In the alternate universe where my life is a comic, this would totally happen to me...

From Pictures for Sad Children

Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Ending for Cactus Jack!


Have you seen this story yet? This poor little puppy got himself caught up in a cactus. Luckily, a very good samaritan heard his cries and not only rescued him from the cactus, but pulled nearly an entire bucket of cactus spines from the puppy before the more help arrived. The little pup, named Cactus Jack, was taken to the Arizona Humane Society’s Second Chance Animal Hospital where the rest of the spines were removed. Lucky for Jack there was no real damage and after a round of antibiotics he was given a clean bill of health! Watch the video below to see the excitement over who got to be the lucky family to take Cactus Jack home.



Photos from ABC.
Video from CNN.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just taking a minute to brag about my alma mater...

When I was in college I didn't get involved in any clubs. I was far to busy running around the country watching live music to spare any time for a club. When I got to law school I wanted to try and be a little more involved. At the end of my first year I joined the Animal Law Society on campus. That was the year Astrea won the pet fashion show just wearing a t-shirt. Look how cute she was:


During my last year of law school I was the Vice President of the group and between our fantastic board and members we worked our butts off to do some fun things - and help animals in Sacramento County. In conjunction with another club on campus we started an "Angel Tree" during the holiday season to collect gifts for shelter animals. We also did a spring cleaning drive to collect toys, towels and blankets, and we were even able to raise enough money to sponsor a habitat room at the County shelter. The last event we did was for Diversity Week to raise awareness of Animal-Assisted Therapy. At the time, two members of our campus community used assistance animals, and we thought it would be a fantastic idea to bring assistance animals (lots of doggies and even one mini-horse!) to campus to educate our community on the variety of help assistance animals offer. It mostly turned into a mass of students and staff cooing over the animals, getting some cuddles in and taking a minute to avoid the stress of law school.

This year, the animal law society has upped their game and I'm so proud! Following the lead of Yale and UConn - this year the McGeorge School of Law is offering their very first "Rent-A-Pet" Program! With the help of Lend-A-Heart Animal Assisted Therapy, students from McGeorge and the UOP main campus can take a break from the stress of finals by checking out an animal for a 25 minute session. I swear that having Astrea is the only way I made it through law school, so here's to hoping the event is a success and other students get the stress relief they so desperately need from these fantastic animals!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Monday: Save the World

One of my friends shared this music video with me on Facebook. Even if you aren't a fan of this type of music, you have to watch the video. It's so super cute and will make the rest of your day better.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Celebrity Sunday: Josh Hutcherson

I am obsessed with The Hunger Games. I resisted at first for fear that it was some stupid Twilight knock off. However, once a boy told me to read it, I was sold. So, back in December I read all three books in about a week. I've seen the movie twice, and I will probably go again. Even though I was irritated with Katniss and Peeta at times, I am still totally Team Peeta. Now, I have fallen in love with the actor who plays him, Josh Hutcherson. He's a huge supporter of some of my favorite causes - so imagine my excitement when I saw that he adopted a beautiful puppy, Driver, from a the rescue group Hands Paws Hearts. Poor Driver had to have surgery to repair a broken femur and is missing a couple of toes, but he looks perfectly happy to be home with his new family. Check out Josh and his super cute new puppy:




Saturday, April 21, 2012

Let me tell you 'bout my best friend...

I'm a total sucker for unconventional best friends, so of course I died of cuteness overload when I saw this story. Kasi, a male cheetah cub, and Mtani, a female yellow Labrador retriever, live at Busch Gardens Tampa. The two came together last year, first with only supervised visits, but now they live full time together in the cheetah habitat. Together Kasi and Mtani spend their days playing, training, exercising, and even traveling to schools and events to highlight the plight of cheetahs in the wild and the importance of conservation efforts. What an adorable pair. Check out the source for more pictures.
Photo Credit: Matt Marriott/Busch Gardens Tampa Photo Credit: Matt Marriott/Busch Gardens Tampa Photo Credit: Matt Marriott/Busch Gardens Tampa
Source: Today/MSNBC

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nature Walk

I'm so happy spring has arrived in Folsom and the rain has given us a break. Astrea LOVES going on nature walks, and we have a great little spot we can walk to near our house. Look at all the fun we had over the weekend.

The ladybugs were out in full force, this was one of many that had a rest on my arm.

Beautiful flowers.

Not one to sit still when there is a chance to run.

The happiest girl in the whole wide world.

And of course, sleepy as can be after playing.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ticklish Penguin

This is the cutest video I've ever seen. If this ticklish penguin doesn't make you smile, you have no heart.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Panic, Panic, Panic.

I wasn't going to write this post. I'm totally embarrassed by my stupidity and can't believe I would let this happen. However, I felt like this is one of those things I have to share to remind people that no matter how well behaved your dog is - they are still dogs, as people we screw up, and scary stuff happens.

It's been a long time since I've had a moment of pure and utter panic with Astrea. In fact, now that I'm typing this, before this happened I don't know that she's ever done anything to scare me like this. But, we've all had those moments that just leave you absolutely frozen with panic and fear. You know, like when you're at the mall and can't find your kid? That kind of panic. That's what I experienced Wednesday night.

I've been spring cleaning. A lot. With nothing to do but job hunt and wait - I figured what a perfect opportunity to purge my house of junk, do the decorating I've been putting off and do that cleaning you never want to do, but has to get done. I've been going room to room so I can really focus and get everything done. It's all I've done for the past couple of days. Because I knew I was going to do this I didn't unpack when I got back from Carmel on Monday. Just set my bags on the floor and figured once I got to my bedroom and bathroom I'd put that stuff away. Because I leave my bags on the floor all the time I didn't think twice about it. I didn't think there was anything in my bags that Astrea would want, and she's not the kind of dog that goes searching through bags so I wasn't worried about anything.

After she had dinner Wednesday night Astrea disappeared into my bedroom. It's not uncommon for her to sleep on my bed, especially when it's rainy and cold like it's been. I made my own dinner, watched some TV and never once considered checking on Astrea. At some point she rejoined me in the living room. She was a little more barky than usual, but again, not uncommon since it's been rainy and she hasn't had the chance to get her energy out on her walks. By all accounts it was a pretty normal night - then I went into my bedroom.

All around the room I found pieces of a blue box. At first I didn't know what it was, then the panic started to set in. One of my friends had given me a box of chocolate for Easter. I completely forgot about it. It was in my unpacked bag that had been in the same, untouched spot since Monday. And now, all that was left was the box. I was really hoping that maybe she didn't get to the chocolate. Maybe she just tore the box open and that was that. I searched all under my bed, in the closet and bathroom looking for some left over chocolate. Nope. She ate every last piece of that stupid chocolate cross. I was cursing everyone I could while I collected the box and checked Astrea out.

This is what she ate.

She wasn't acting particularly weird. She wasn't especially thirsty. Wasn't panting. Wasn't showing any of signs of chocolate toxicity that I could tell, but it couldn't have been more than an hour or so since she ate the chocolate and I didn't know how long would take for it to get into her system. The worst part was, although I had picked up the box and read it, I convinced myself she ate an entire pound of chocolate. My first instinct was to rush her to the vet. But, the closest 24 hour vet that I know about is 30 minutes away, it was raining, and there was a good chance I was over-reacting. So, I calmed myself down, reminded myself that tons of dogs eat chocolate and nothing happens, and called the ASPCA Poison Control while searching the internet.

And here's what I learned:
1. I'm not the only person who does something stupid like this around Easter. With so much candy around this time of year, it's not uncommon for dogs to get into it.
2. Chocolate toxicity is based on several factors - type of chocolate, amount eaten and size of the dog. Once I got the package in front of me, I discovered that Astrea had not eaten a pound, but 2 oz of milk chocolate. Lucky for us 2 oz of milk chocolate in a 25 pound dog is not enough to cause real alarm.
3. There was a good chance she would have the poops, and I should keep a close eye on her, but chances are she would be fine.

So I covered the bathroom floor in potty pads, watched her carefully and had a terrible nights sleep. And she's fine. She got up a couple times in the night and pooped, but that was all. She was acting totally normal this morning, was perfectly happy to go to day care and aside from my own panic and anxiety, it was (luckily!) rather uneventful.

But I can't stress enough that although it was uneventful - we got very lucky. Had she got into a pack of gum, or more of a different type of chocolate this could have ended very differently. Astrea is sleeping next to me now and I'm so very thankful. So the moral of the story is this - no matter how much you trust your dog, the smell of a yummy treat may be too much for them to handle. Even if your dog hasn't done something before, doesn't mean they won't try it. In case of emergency, don't freak out. Stay calm, call the proper people and do whatever you need to do to tend to your pet.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bone Pugz-N-Harmony

I have a soft spot in my heart for Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. I had a friend growing up that LOVED them, so they are definitely a part of the soundtrack that is my childhood. Now, add pugs to the mix and I'm in love. Check out this great tribute to Bone Thugs, thanks to Bone Pugz.

BONE PUGZ from Bone Pugz on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Fun Time

I spent Easter with my friends down in Carmel, which meant time with my favorite special guy, Indie!! Here he is enjoying a little sun and fresh air in the window.

Indie Paws

And while I was enjoying the beautiful Carmel weather, Astrea was getting some play time in with her favorite cousin, Ruca. As you can see, playing with a puppy exhausts Astrea.


Astrea Nadine

Sunday, April 08, 2012


It's a sad time in our house right now. In order to save some money we cancelled cable. As a result, I don't get my weekly dose of "Ice Loves Coco." I caught a few episodes while I was visiting family, but I wish I could watch it all the time. Anyway, even though I don't get to watch the show, I'm still keeping up with Coco, Ice T and Spartacus on twitter. Check out some of the cute, recent photos of Spartacus and his fabulous life.




Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Rabbits Are Not Easter Toys

Too many animals are given as gifts on holidays and end up in shelters. If you know anyone thinking about buying their child a rabbit this Easter, make sure they are educated on what bringing home a rabbit really means and encourage them to adopt a rabbit from the animal shelter or local rescue.


Before you decide to get a rabbit for a child this Easter, please understand that they do not make good “starter” pets for children.

Rabbits require a life time commitment of care and expense that is the same or greater than that of a cat or a dog. They need exercise, a proper diet, and spacious shelter that will protect them from predators and extreme weather conditions. Medical attention is sometimes needed and they should be spayed or neutered. Rabbits enjoy receiving affection from people, but some do not like being held because it instigates a feeling of being caught by a predator.

There are numerous domesticated rabbits that have been abandoned by their guardians. They cannot fend for themselves because they do not have the instincts to live on their own. Most will fall prey to predators and others will starve due to inadequate food source.

If your family is not prepared for the long-term commitment of a rabbit, please give your child a stuffed animal as an Easter gift. That way when the child loses interest, the live rabbit will not end up neglected or abandoned.

Should you decide that you are fully prepared to care for a rabbit and you wish to bring one into your family, never purchase a rabbit from a pet store. Instead, please visit your local shelter or rescue organization and choose to adopt one of last year's homeless "Easter Gifts". Educate yourself more at


Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I am a cat person!

Ok, so I've been kind of out of the loop between having my life consumed with studying and going on vacation for three weeks, so I just saw this commercial for the first time the other night and i LOVE it! If you go on twitter and use #catperson to tell Purina why you're a cat person, your reason could end up on a Billboard in Times Square.

Of course I took to twitter and posted why I'm a cat person, I may not make it onto a billboard in Times Square, but at least I was honest!


Monday, April 02, 2012

Cutest April Fools Around!

Anyone stop by Kodak's website on April Fools? It's definitely one of the cutest things I saw yesterday!

Kodak April Fools


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