Sunday, April 22, 2012

Celebrity Sunday: Josh Hutcherson

I am obsessed with The Hunger Games. I resisted at first for fear that it was some stupid Twilight knock off. However, once a boy told me to read it, I was sold. So, back in December I read all three books in about a week. I've seen the movie twice, and I will probably go again. Even though I was irritated with Katniss and Peeta at times, I am still totally Team Peeta. Now, I have fallen in love with the actor who plays him, Josh Hutcherson. He's a huge supporter of some of my favorite causes - so imagine my excitement when I saw that he adopted a beautiful puppy, Driver, from a the rescue group Hands Paws Hearts. Poor Driver had to have surgery to repair a broken femur and is missing a couple of toes, but he looks perfectly happy to be home with his new family. Check out Josh and his super cute new puppy:





  1. Oh, Driver is a little blue boy! Blue is my favorite dog color, I think, after black. I hope that they'll be very happy together!

  2. Oh I am just waiting to go see that movie a couple of more weeks but I annoy wait to go!!! Heard such good things! It is so nice to see celebrities doing a good deed too!

  3. That was supposed to read... Cannot wait to go, darn auto spell check. Sorry about that!

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