Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Ending for Cactus Jack!


Have you seen this story yet? This poor little puppy got himself caught up in a cactus. Luckily, a very good samaritan heard his cries and not only rescued him from the cactus, but pulled nearly an entire bucket of cactus spines from the puppy before the more help arrived. The little pup, named Cactus Jack, was taken to the Arizona Humane Society’s Second Chance Animal Hospital where the rest of the spines were removed. Lucky for Jack there was no real damage and after a round of antibiotics he was given a clean bill of health! Watch the video below to see the excitement over who got to be the lucky family to take Cactus Jack home.



Photos from ABC.
Video from CNN.


  1. Ouch! I hadn't seen that story, but I am glad it ends on a good note!

  2. So glad this story has a happy ending!

  3. Ouch there - paaaaw bless him, we could not help but keep on reading here, much as we wanted to look away, now I am a Terrier of great strength and stamina, but this brought a tear to my eye - thank goodness for the happy ending - thanks for bringing this to my attention, the Bordoggy likes to be kept informed - all our fabulous 4Legs love, licks and waggs to Cactus Jack and the Arizona Humane Animal Hospital - respect x

  4. how did he get into the cactus in the first place? Was he "dropped-off" by some irresponsible human?

  5. I love happy endings! So glad there is no damage.

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