Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just taking a minute to brag about my alma mater...

When I was in college I didn't get involved in any clubs. I was far to busy running around the country watching live music to spare any time for a club. When I got to law school I wanted to try and be a little more involved. At the end of my first year I joined the Animal Law Society on campus. That was the year Astrea won the pet fashion show just wearing a t-shirt. Look how cute she was:


During my last year of law school I was the Vice President of the group and between our fantastic board and members we worked our butts off to do some fun things - and help animals in Sacramento County. In conjunction with another club on campus we started an "Angel Tree" during the holiday season to collect gifts for shelter animals. We also did a spring cleaning drive to collect toys, towels and blankets, and we were even able to raise enough money to sponsor a habitat room at the County shelter. The last event we did was for Diversity Week to raise awareness of Animal-Assisted Therapy. At the time, two members of our campus community used assistance animals, and we thought it would be a fantastic idea to bring assistance animals (lots of doggies and even one mini-horse!) to campus to educate our community on the variety of help assistance animals offer. It mostly turned into a mass of students and staff cooing over the animals, getting some cuddles in and taking a minute to avoid the stress of law school.

This year, the animal law society has upped their game and I'm so proud! Following the lead of Yale and UConn - this year the McGeorge School of Law is offering their very first "Rent-A-Pet" Program! With the help of Lend-A-Heart Animal Assisted Therapy, students from McGeorge and the UOP main campus can take a break from the stress of finals by checking out an animal for a 25 minute session. I swear that having Astrea is the only way I made it through law school, so here's to hoping the event is a success and other students get the stress relief they so desperately need from these fantastic animals!



  1. Love to hear about this going on at more law schools! At my law school we're reactivating the student animal legal defense club. I recently posted about how therapy dogs are used at law schools and how I really think Betty helps me through my stress:


  2. Wow, that is definitely brag-worthy! Good for them!

  3. Such a great cause - and no better stress relief than an awesome animal x


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