Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Rabbits Are Not Easter Toys

Too many animals are given as gifts on holidays and end up in shelters. If you know anyone thinking about buying their child a rabbit this Easter, make sure they are educated on what bringing home a rabbit really means and encourage them to adopt a rabbit from the animal shelter or local rescue.


Before you decide to get a rabbit for a child this Easter, please understand that they do not make good “starter” pets for children.

Rabbits require a life time commitment of care and expense that is the same or greater than that of a cat or a dog. They need exercise, a proper diet, and spacious shelter that will protect them from predators and extreme weather conditions. Medical attention is sometimes needed and they should be spayed or neutered. Rabbits enjoy receiving affection from people, but some do not like being held because it instigates a feeling of being caught by a predator.

There are numerous domesticated rabbits that have been abandoned by their guardians. They cannot fend for themselves because they do not have the instincts to live on their own. Most will fall prey to predators and others will starve due to inadequate food source.

If your family is not prepared for the long-term commitment of a rabbit, please give your child a stuffed animal as an Easter gift. That way when the child loses interest, the live rabbit will not end up neglected or abandoned.

Should you decide that you are fully prepared to care for a rabbit and you wish to bring one into your family, never purchase a rabbit from a pet store. Instead, please visit your local shelter or rescue organization and choose to adopt one of last year's homeless "Easter Gifts". Educate yourself more at



  1. Well that's certainly counterproductive! But I suppose it makes sense. Just sad because their hearts seem to be in the right place. :(

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