Sunday, May 06, 2012

Introducing....King Maximus

Ok, now officially, I would prefer that people do not breed their dogs. There are so many shelter pets looking for homes, and breeding does not help the situation. But I can't control the world, and I know that not everyone is running a puppy mill and there are responsible breeders. With that said - I can't help but to fall in love every time I see Spartacus and his son, King Maximus. Ice T and Coco decided to breed Spartacus His girlfriend was expected to have two puppies, instead she had six! Five boys and a girl. Ice and Coco decided to adopt one of the puppies and King Maximus was the lucky guy. Check him out...





  1. I love the show Ice loves Coco, they love their dog as much as I do and it makes me happy to see a reality show that has that in it!

  2. What a fancy one! That show cracks me up too!

  3. Me too, I agree, I think this is a great show to watch. Love the Sparticus & Maximus!

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