Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rejuv-a-Wafers - one of our new favorites!!

So, I have a confession. It's a controversial one, but it's time I admit it. Astrea is mostly a vegetarian. I know, not exactly a conventional way of feeding a dog - but we didn't get here purposely. I've talked many times about Astrea's weight struggles. Now, that I'm writing this I don't know if I've every really discussed her allergies, but Miss Astrea is a sensitive girl. She's had more than her fair share of ear infections, skin infections and hot spots. When I first brought her home she had was having a demodectic mange flare up. I fed her Honest Kitchen for her meals, and her little immune system got strong and fought off the mange. However, her little teeth were getting very dirty so I switched her to a dry food. After that, it was 2 years of trying to find a food that would keep her allergies under control, and then of course her weight.


So how did we get to a vegetarian diet? After trying everything I put her back on Honest Kitchen and found she did best when I didn't add meat. Now that doesn't mean she never gets protein from an animal source. I say she's mostly a vegetarian, because when we visit family she does have some eggs or meat. And don't worry, she's been to the vet more than once since going veg and aside from needing to lose a couple more pounds, she's getting rave reviews for her health! But of course, I do worry about her getting all the nutrients she needs. Although the food she eats is incredibly healthy, it's made to have a protein source added in so I am concerned she's not getting enough protein. Also, because she eats a wet food and isn't a huge fan of chewing on bones, her breath can get stinky. So, I was very curious when the folks from Sun Chlorella contacted me to see if Astrea wanted to try Rejuv-a-Wafers.


I'm cautious about the products that I'm willing to let Astrea try, and I've said no on more than one occasion. So I headed over to the Sun Chlorella website and started to read. Then I went to more websites and read more. I couldn't find a single reason why I shouldn't give Astrea the wafers. In fact, given her her skin issues and what it's done to her coat, I was anxious to try them and see what kind of difference it would make. When the wafers arrived, I was a little unsure if Astrea would eat them. Astrea is a picky girl and aside from one or two commercial treats, she really doesn't like any. She will take a carrot over a dog cookie any day of the week. She took the first wafer cautiously, dropped it on the floor and sniffed it for a bit, then gobbled it right up. The next day she had that wafer out of my fingers before I could even lean down to give it to her. So in the taste department, we had a hit. From there it was a waiting game.

Within a week or so I noticed Astrea's breath had greatly improved. I wasn't pushing her away anymore when she tried to give me kisses. And boy did I notice a difference when we took a week off from taking them. Her stinky breath made a come back, but as soon as we got back home and were taking the wafers again, things were great again. And the little miss is soft as can be! After a skin infection a while back, Astrea was left with a patch of coarse, grey hair on her back. The hair is still grey, but it is slowly becoming soft again. She's continuing to regain her puppy energy, and although she still likes to avoid spending too much time outside in the heat, I no longer have to force her to spend time out on a walk with me. So, we're still waiting to see in the long run what other positive changes we will see from the Rejuv-a-Wafers - but at this point we're thrilled and so happy with how well Astrea is doing!


  1. What an interesting review! We will have to look into me too, thank you for sharing!

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  3. Nice review and this product looks interesting. Knowing the fact that it come from a decent company. Sun Chlorella provides similar chlorella supplement just like the one I'm taking and the benefits are almost the same. So I guess this rejuv-a-wafers can undeniably provide benefits for our pets.

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