Friday, September 28, 2012

Franken-strea or Astrea-weenie

Disney's Frankenweenie is coming out soon, and I got a total kick out of using their facebook app to turn Astrea into a "monster." Give it a try here.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yard Sale to Support the Grace Foundation

Not far from me, in El Dorado Hills, there is a wonderful organization called The Grace Foundation. Grace is an animal rescue and rehabilitation ranch that provides critical care and rehabilitation for abused and neglected horses. They also utilize many of these rescued horses in equine assisted learning and therapeutic programs for youth and adults. Grace also rescues and rehabilitates dogs, cats, cows, sheep, goat, pigs, chickens and more. I have a couple of friends that volunteer out at Grace and I am constantly amazed at how many animals (and people) they help every year.

Mini-Horse That's me with a therapy mini-horse from Grace!

Following a horrific case of animal cruelty in Susanville, Grace rescued A LOT of horses from the Whispering Pines Ranch. Although the owner of the ranch has been charged with 70 felony counts of animal cruelty, this doesn't end the struggle that these animals face. The cost of caring for this many animals is outrageous and has absolutely crippled the Grace Foundation. If you want to read just how much of a struggle rehabilitating these horses has been, visit

The volunteers at Grace don't want to see this be the end of the organization and are doing all they can to help raise funds. This weekend there will be a yard sale to benefit Grace with ALL PROCEEDS going straight to the organization. So if you're in the Sacramento/El Dorado Hills area - please come out and see what kinds of treasures you can find. The yard sale will be this Saturday, September 29 from 8am to 3pm at 1066 St. Andrews Drive, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. And if you can't make it out and would still like to help, please visit to make a donation.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Patrick - 17 Months Later

Did you hear about Patrick last year? He was found nearly starved to death in a dumpster the day before St. Patrick's Day 2011. He was nothing but a skeleton when he was brought into the veterinary clinic that nursed him back to health. Although the criminal charges against the woman who starved him are still pending - Patrick hasn't wasted any time gaining weight and making himself home with his foster family. Watch the video below to see what a difference 17 months can make.

View more videos at:

For more information on Patrick and other dogs that need our help - check out The Patrick Miracle on Facebook.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Apparently Bob-Bob was not very happy that his owner was going to Disneyworld without him and decided to hitch along for the ride. It's an absolute miracle that nothing happened to him while hiding in this suitcase for TEN HOURS while flying from Ohio to Orlando!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Obie Update!!

Remember Obie the 77 lb dachshund? Not only has he already made good progress on his diet - he's lost 7lbs so far - he's also quickly made a name for himself. Check him out on Kelly and Michael last week!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Josh Hutcherson and Driver

Wow - Josh Hutcherson's dog Driver has really done some growing up in the past few months! Remember how little he looked when Josh first brought him home? Looks like he's enjoying being on set for Catching Fire, even if he needs some help from his dad to go down the stairs...

Source: Josh Hutcherson Photo Gallery

Friday, September 14, 2012

I just want to play with my friends!!

Poor Ora has readjusted to life as an indoor cat. Earlier in the summer Astrea and I were coming back from a walk one day when I noticed a little tiny lizard sitting on the ledge outside the window that Ora sits in. I started looking for him all the time, and realized pretty quick that this little lizard visits Ora almost every day. The other day I was in the room Ora likes to hang out in and I FINALLY got a picture of Ora with her friend.

2012-09-12 13.34.07

2012-09-12 13.33.44

Ok really, I'm sure she'd like to eat him based on how she watches him, but because she can't, I'll pretend they're friends.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Finally, a treat I feel good about giving Ora!

While Astrea is my little veggie girl, eager to gobble up healthy treats all the time - Ora is my junk food fiend. Ora is not a big fan of anything healthy or real. She will pass on fresh meat or fish, but LOVES the cheapest treats I can find. If Ora was a human she would probably live off a diet of Cheetos and Mt. Dew.

Since she first came home with us Ora has been difficult to please in the food department. If it's cheap and processed she's all over it, if it's somewhat healthy she'll take a bite to be polite and then move on. I've finally managed to get her on a good quality food - but treats were still giving me trouble. No matter what I brought home, nothing compared with the 50 cent bag of cheap-o treats. A few weeks back we got the new Greenie's Smart Bites. When I saw the package and realized they were similar in size and texture to the cheapy ones Ora loves, I may have let out a small squeal of excitement. FINALLY! A treat I could feel better about giving her!

Ora Greenies 4

With Ora's dental problems, I've tried to get her to enjoy the other types of Greenie's treats, but it wasn't really easy. I learned that if I mixed them in with her cheap treats she would eat them, but never just on their own. So I was anxious to see if she would love these like she loves her little kitty junk food. It didn't take Ora long to decide that she loves her new Greenie's. I tried to get a good picture of her enjoying the treats, but she was too fast. No sooner had I put them out she gobbled them up and was waiting for more.

Ora  3

Ora Greenies 2

I'm so excited to let her try all the flavors and finally have treats for Ora that she loves and I don't mind giving her!

Monday, September 10, 2012

i love my pillows!!

One of the things that I've loved about Astrea from the start is the fact that she doesn't wait around on anyone to give her a comfy spot. From the very beginning she's been more that willing to grab a pillow and build herself a perfect sleeping spot. Here are a few of my recent favorites of Astrea with her pillows:




2012-08-24 13.27.39

2012-08-22 10.05.27

2012-08-07 09.20.31

2012-07-07 08.03.49

2012-06-25 10.06.28

2012-05-31 11.09.44

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Help Obie Become the BIGGEST LOSER!

I'm not entirely sure how I came across this page, but over the holiday weekend I was introduced to Obie. Obie is a wonderful dachshund who was unfortunately was given way too much food as a way to show love. Although I'm sure it was very difficult, thankfully his owners agreed to give him up in an effort to give him a happy, healthy, full life.


Once he was taken in, Obie topped the scales at 77 pounds. Luckily, when he was given an examination by a vet, his blood work all came back normal. So despite his morbid obesity, Obie is a somewhat healthy guy. Obie's foster mom, Nora, has him on a special diet and with time plans to get him involved in swim and treadmill therapy. If you would like to help Nora with the costs of getting Obie healthy, please consider making a donation.


Astrea knows first hand how hard it is to lose weight, so we're really pulling for Obie to lose at least 40 pounds! We will be following Obie's story and hopefully can update you with good news soon! And if you'd like to follow along yourself - check out Obie's Facebook Page.

Photos Courtesy of Biggest Loser, Doxie Edition.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Bradley Cooper and Charlotte

I LOVE when celebrities show off their rescue dogs. We definitely live in a society that is influenced by celebrity and for a while it seemed that we only saw celebrities showing off their "designer" dogs. Now there are so many of those little purse sized dogs ending up in shelters and rescues. I'm hopeful that with so many celebrities showing off their rescue dogs lately it will encourage more people to check out their local shelter or rescue before heading to a store or breeder. Bradley Cooper loves his rescue, Charlotte, so much he showed her off on Live with Kelly!

Charlotte, a chow/retriever mix, was adopted from Much Love Animal Rescue in Los Angeles. Head over to to see a video of Bradley and Charlotte on Live.


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