Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Finally, a treat I feel good about giving Ora!

While Astrea is my little veggie girl, eager to gobble up healthy treats all the time - Ora is my junk food fiend. Ora is not a big fan of anything healthy or real. She will pass on fresh meat or fish, but LOVES the cheapest treats I can find. If Ora was a human she would probably live off a diet of Cheetos and Mt. Dew.

Since she first came home with us Ora has been difficult to please in the food department. If it's cheap and processed she's all over it, if it's somewhat healthy she'll take a bite to be polite and then move on. I've finally managed to get her on a good quality food - but treats were still giving me trouble. No matter what I brought home, nothing compared with the 50 cent bag of cheap-o treats. A few weeks back we got the new Greenie's Smart Bites. When I saw the package and realized they were similar in size and texture to the cheapy ones Ora loves, I may have let out a small squeal of excitement. FINALLY! A treat I could feel better about giving her!

Ora Greenies 4

With Ora's dental problems, I've tried to get her to enjoy the other types of Greenie's treats, but it wasn't really easy. I learned that if I mixed them in with her cheap treats she would eat them, but never just on their own. So I was anxious to see if she would love these like she loves her little kitty junk food. It didn't take Ora long to decide that she loves her new Greenie's. I tried to get a good picture of her enjoying the treats, but she was too fast. No sooner had I put them out she gobbled them up and was waiting for more.

Ora  3

Ora Greenies 2

I'm so excited to let her try all the flavors and finally have treats for Ora that she loves and I don't mind giving her!


  1. Bless Ora, the cheap treats are such a worry as you don't know what is in them. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

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