Friday, May 31, 2013

Meet Freida!

Have you met Freida yet? Poor Freida was deserted in a ditch. She was tiny, matted, and sick. Luckily after a good samaritan found her, she was taken in for care by Forgotten Felines of Maine. Freida has a condition that has left her with a non-functioning liver and an enlarged gallbladder. She also had to be shaved due to her matted fur. Now that she's being treated for her liver condition we're hoping she continues to improve and live a long life. And while she works to get there, how cute is she in her little clothes?





If you want to help with Freida's mounting medical bills, please make a donation to Forgotten Felines of Maine. You can also follow Freida's story on Facebook.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Monday, May 27, 2013

Mobile Monday - The Vet is Exhausting

Ora is officially a toothless cat. When I took her for her annual check up we made the decision to remove the few teeth she had left. When I took her back for her check up, she decided to curl up and take a nap while we waited. It's so rare that I get to cuddle her, doesn't she look sweet?


Friday, May 24, 2013

Cat Castle!!

Astrea and Ora have been very spoiled the past few months with a huge yard to play in and neighbors who give them lots of treats. We're going to be finding out own place soon and I'm afraid I might have to make one of these for Ora as a peace offering.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Colorado State Pet

Way to go Colorado. This is a great honor for shelter pets and such a wonderful way to encourage people to adopt, not buy, their next family member.

Colorado Makes Shelter Dogs and Cats New State Pet

KREX News Room, John Dias

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- Governor Hickenlooper signed a new bill into law making shelter dogs and cats Colorado’s official state pet.

Although pet adoption rates in Mesa County are already higher the other areas, officials are hoping this will bring more awareness to these pets looking for a good home.

This proposal was brought forward by Colorado schoolchildren and officials at Mesa County Animal Services tell NewsChannel 5 they’re excited about that feature because these kids are future pet owners.

“I think that the animal-human bond is very strong,” said Penny McCarty, director of Mesa County Animal Services. “I think that we respect that in our community.”

McCarty says the community is already so supportive of local pet agencies, but she's thrilled Colorado has named shelter dogs and cats the official state pet.

“Last year in our community, we adopted 2,226 animals,” said McCarty.

“We need to get all of these dogs that have been lost, a new home,” said Jacee Apple, new dog owner. “Make sure they get a nice family that is going to take care of them.”

It’s not just adoption rates McCarty is hoping will increase, but also help raise the bar higher for an already soaring amount of missing pets that are brought back safely to their owners.

“Our return to owner rate is 70 percent, which is more than double the national average,” said McCarty. “We have a good community of pet owners.”

Officials want this new trend to spread to other states in the future.

This new law did come with some controversy, as opponents are saying that this could create an area for business transactions and that some of these animals may not even be from our state.

Source: KREX TV

Monday, May 20, 2013

Mobile Monday - Hawaii Fun

My friend Frankie and I spent a week in Kauai to celebrate my 30th birthday. Of course, I fell in love with some of the animals we came across on our adventures...


We took a boat ride to the fern grotto and met this little love.


After the boat ride we had a luau and watched the beautiful peacocks strut around.


This was my favorite kitty. He lived at the home where we got our massages. There was also a dog named Hoku that I didn't get a picture of, but he was my favorite dog we met. Partly because he walked all crazy like and partly because his name meant star!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Marine Reunited with Dog

On my lunch break at work the other day I was reading the news and this story caught my eye. I had to share it and realized, this was the happy ending that was going to get me back into the swing of posting for you all. Such a beautiful story of people working together to make a Marine's dream come true. Way to go Iowa!

Marine Sgt. Ross Gundlach reunited with his dog after tour in Afghanistan

Jens Manuel Krogstad, Des Moines Register

DES MOINES, Iowa - Marine Sgt. Ross Gundlach said he wasn't going to cry in uniform.

His were among the few dry eyes today in the State Capitol rotunda. Dozens of people, including Gov. Terry Branstad, attended a surprise reunion (video below) between Gundlach and Casey, a golden Labrador that served with him in Afghanistan.

Gundlach, 25, and Casey, 4, forged a bond in the rugged terrain of Afghanistan's south Helmand Province, sweeping roads for bombs.

"About midway through, I told her if we made it out alive I'd do whatever it took to find her," Gundlach said. "I owe her. I want to take care of her...I'll just try to give her the best life she can have from here on out."

Gundlach and Casey last saw each on June 3, 2012. Casey had gone on to serve in the Iowa State Fire Marshal's office. Gundlach is enrolled at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, his hometown.

Gundlach had traveled to Iowa under the impression that he would have to plead his case before a government committee to get Casey back. State Fire Marshal Ray Reynolds said he wasn't surprised Gundlach made the trip.

Last night, Gundlach told Reynolds that he last saw Casey 333 days, 14 hours and 20-some minutes ago.

"The first time I talked to him... (Gundlach) said, 'I would swim to Japan to get my dog," Reynolds said.

The reunion was made possible by the Iowa Elks Association, which donated $8,500 to replace Casey with another dog at the State Fire Marshal's office. Casey's General Store paid for Marine Sgt. Kyle Williams to travel to present Casey to Gundlach. The trio served together in Afghanistan.

Despite their time apart, it appeared Casey remembered Gundlach well. Her paws slipped out from under her from excitement when they saw each other, and her tail wagged throughout the 30-minute presentation.

As Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds explained the dangers Gundlach and Casey faced during more than 150 missions together, Casey placed her front paws on Gundlach's shoulders and licked his face.

"It touches your heart," said Elaine Haugen, 68, the wife of a Vietnam War veteran who attended the event. "We really have no way of knowing what those two experienced. We only surmise that we do."

Source:Des Moines Register


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