Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Colorado State Pet

Way to go Colorado. This is a great honor for shelter pets and such a wonderful way to encourage people to adopt, not buy, their next family member.

Colorado Makes Shelter Dogs and Cats New State Pet

KREX News Room, John Dias

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- Governor Hickenlooper signed a new bill into law making shelter dogs and cats Colorado’s official state pet.

Although pet adoption rates in Mesa County are already higher the other areas, officials are hoping this will bring more awareness to these pets looking for a good home.

This proposal was brought forward by Colorado schoolchildren and officials at Mesa County Animal Services tell NewsChannel 5 they’re excited about that feature because these kids are future pet owners.

“I think that the animal-human bond is very strong,” said Penny McCarty, director of Mesa County Animal Services. “I think that we respect that in our community.”

McCarty says the community is already so supportive of local pet agencies, but she's thrilled Colorado has named shelter dogs and cats the official state pet.

“Last year in our community, we adopted 2,226 animals,” said McCarty.

“We need to get all of these dogs that have been lost, a new home,” said Jacee Apple, new dog owner. “Make sure they get a nice family that is going to take care of them.”

It’s not just adoption rates McCarty is hoping will increase, but also help raise the bar higher for an already soaring amount of missing pets that are brought back safely to their owners.

“Our return to owner rate is 70 percent, which is more than double the national average,” said McCarty. “We have a good community of pet owners.”

Officials want this new trend to spread to other states in the future.

This new law did come with some controversy, as opponents are saying that this could create an area for business transactions and that some of these animals may not even be from our state.

Source: KREX TV


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